HNL Rental Car - Updated As We Go

grant wiscour
By grant wiscour,

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I have a reservation with Alamo as my backup/original plan.

With a coupon for one free day from entertainment.com the total rate is $413.69.

I have plenty of time so I'm going to start the bidding of low.

I'll keep the thread updated with my bids.

3/19/09 All Rejected

SUV/Luxury/Premium/Standard/Convertible $8/day $178.74

Minivan $8/day $168.30

Full Size $8/day $142.74

Mid-Size $8/day $156.73

Interesting how the same $8/day ended up with so many different total costs.

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SUV/Minivan/Luxury/Convertible/Premium $9/day $209.35

Full Size $8/day $193.37

Standard $8/day $186.17

Mid-Size $8/day $191.72

Compact/Economy $2/day $97.56

I have been to Oahu three times since April 08 and the current rental car costs seem to be the highest.

I thought the economy and recession might reduce Oahu car rental rates but it doesn't appear to have happened.

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I think you are bidding to low for all the cars. I have tried to bid for a full size car over 2 weeks now, and keep getting rejected from Priceline. My last bid for full size car at HNL airport get rejected at $23/day (bidding price). However, I am able to get a full size car for $22/day at OGG airport.

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This morning I noticed that rental car rates have dropped in HNL.

I have updated my backup reservation with Alamo again using the entertainment.com coupon and discount.

My new backup reservation is for a Full-Size Car - $359.25 (12 Days plus one extra hour)/ @ $29.94 per day total. The total includes $.50 per day fee for frequent flier miles.

The price drop shows that it makes good sense to start bidding early and don't get over-anxious...rates could drop.

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