Priceline Hotel: New 3.5* level in Union Square West?

By brianveen,

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I just noticed 3.5* show up as an option on USW in SF and since I didn't see that on your list. I was wondering if we have seen this star level before and never identified the related properties or if this level is new for this zone?

I am looking for a room for my mom when she visits me from 4/4 to 4/8. Based on what I am seeing I think I am starting my hunt too early. So far I have had no luck up to $95 for 4* and 3* in USW. I have a backup I can cancel (Maxwell/Frank Hotel) and will continue to look as the date comes closer.

Thanks for these boards and the advice you provide, much appreciated.


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I dont' remember this zone too deeply to recall if there was previously a 3.5* or not, but this is a new star rating for PRICELINE (only initiated about 2 months ago) and there was a major reclassification of all hotels throughout their system. If there aren't any hotels in the hotel list at this star level then none have yet been reported to the board, but i'll also add that rates in Union Square have been so inexpensive lately, that it's possible that any 3.5* bids have been upgraded to 4* hotels, or that users just elect to bid 4* given the good value currently in the market, or that the USW zone is frequently bid with other zones and the other zones "win out" the bid as they have a cheaper rate.

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