Hotwire Hotel: 3* Toronto (Don Valley) Radisson Toronto East

By Flipphone,

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I am looking for a hotel downtown Toronto for the night of August 10th. Started with a 3*, went through the re-bidding process by adding areas to the bid that didn't have 3 or 4* hotels, then even added the Don Valley area which does have 3*s ...

Now maybe I am being cheap but I started bidding at 35, and progressed up to 55 (I know I started off too low :)

So now I am asking if I should check the 2.5* box for this bid or wait the 72 hours and start again. The only area I currently have in this bid that specifically has 2.5*s listed is the Toronto Downtown area ...

My question is ... does anyone one know which hotels I might get if I add the 2.5* hotel to this bid. I checked the hotel list given on here and there are no 2.5*'s listed. Also, if anyone knows which hotels might be given under the 2*s I would love to get that info too ... for future reference.

Thanks again.


ON, Canada

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We only have the info that is in our lists, but perhaps somebody local or more knowledgable about the areas could suggest some possibilities.

Did you try the website you mentioned in your other post for this nite?

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2.5* for Toronto Downtown zone is new and is only there for less than a week. No one has yet to report anything. I'm guessing it could be the Comfort Suites in downtown, and there're a few other possible candidates.

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Thanks for those points ... I did try the CanadaHotelExperts.com site and they said they could give me a hotel for $104 CDN plus fees and taxes. Came to to a total of about $126 CDN (approx. $93 US with tax / fees).

Since it seems like the 2.5 and 2* levels are new for Toronto Downtown I think will try my bid and see what happens. I will let you know.


ON, Canada

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Well, I goofed up my rebid. I think I should of started new, with just looking at Toronto Downtown, with the 2.5, 3, & 4 star hotels checked. And then added the other areas as I raised my bid amount. I think that would have worked ... since I was adding an new star level (?)

But what I did was just added the 2.5* level to the bid with all the differnt area checked and then my first bid of $54 (still maybe thinking a little too low) was rejected. So I think I will wait the 72 hours and retry this on Sat or Sunday. If I don't get it I will look at Hotwire and the CanadaHotelExperts.com as backups.


ON, Canada

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After messing up my rebids on Priceline ... checked Hotwire for a hotel in Downtown Toronto and the Toronto - Don Valley area.

Got a quote for a 3* at $48 US ($61.95 with fees / taxes).

I was a little reluctant to accept the offer, even though it is a good price, because Hotwire has a very broad view of what is in the Don Valley area ... as their map of the area shows. So I thought I would probably end up with a hotel in the north end of the area but was hoping for something a little further south. But since I have lots of time to work with and don't actually have to be downtown first thing in the morning I thought I would take a chance. A decent hotel anywhere in the Toronto area for under $85 CDN a night (including all taxes) is a pretty good deal.

Here is what I ended up with:

Radisson Hotel Toronto East

55 Hallcrown Place

North York, ON M2J 4R1


(416) 493-7000

1 room(s) @ $48.00 per night x 1 night(s) $48.00

Taxes and fees: $13.95

Hotel Subtotal $61.95

Total Price $61.95


ON, Canada

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Here is what it said - direct from Hotwire.


This hotel features the following amenities:


At least one restaurant is located on the hotel premises.


Hotel features at least one pool area. (Note: This amenity offering may be seasonal. Please check hours/availability directly with the hotel.)

Fitness Center

Hotel features exercise equipment.

Business Center

Hotel offers guests access to business equipment/services.


Didn't that all come through on the first post? Hope that helps.


ON, Canada

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