Hotwire Hotel: 4* Naples-Ft. Myers (Bonita Springs) Hyatt

By flyme2,

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Looks like I was perhaps the first to stumble onto this deal. I booked on July 18 :) Hotwire e-mailed me their refund notice on July 20, but not before a few bounced e-mails left me wondering whether or not my DD request was lost in cyberspace. An e-mail to Hotwire support resolved the problem as they manually entered my request before the 48 hour deadline. First time using Hotwire and the DD has made me a believer in Santa Claus. I was following the rate changes for hours before I pounced. I missed a high rate of $276 by waffling. Rates hovered between $231 and $233 and when I saw $267, I grit my teeth and accepted.

The fact that Hotwire still shows this property over the $139 Hyatt rate makes me wonder how many people don't check the rate once they've gotten confirmation of what hotel they've been assigned. Wouldn't you assume it to be second nature to at least go onto the hotel's website and confirm you've gotten a good deal? Or does Hotwire like handing out refunds like candy? I don't follow their logic, but I would assume they're coming out ahead somehow.

My only regret is that Priceline stays elsewhere dictate my only being able to spend a single night here. :)

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I too thought this was a deal one can't pass up! Have relatives I could gift them a couple of nites there at this fabulous place, but no go!

Hyatt is now showing $239! and HW showing $238. You hit it just right, Flyme2!

Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa

5001 Coconut Road

Bonita Springs, Florida, USA. 34134

239.00 USD per Night/per Room.

Am I mssing something or doing something wrong? :)

OH! I just saw the Summer Promo of $139! That should work, right?

What numbers are used on DD Guarantees? Just the basic room rate or does it include taxes/fees?


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Sep 02-Sep 06

Hyatt: $139 X 4 = $ 556.00 + taxes $ 51.05 = $ 607.05

Hotwire: $254 X 4 = $ 1016.00 + taxes $ 97.95 = $ 1113.95

DD: $254 - $139 = $115 (Difference) X 2 (Double) = $230 X 4 (Nights) = $920.00 (Refund)

Net cost: $1113.95 - $920.00 = $193.95 or $58.49 per night (all taxes + $10* daily Hyatt Resort Fee incl)

It's unfortunate that you must pay the taxes on the original Hotwire price ($1113.95), but I don't think that anyone could argue that this is anything but a great deal for a very nice property.

*Hyatt tacks on an additional daily $10 resort fee that is separate from whatever room rate you've paid whether it's booked with Hotwire, Priceline, Hyatt or any other agent.

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Just going to add here...

Remember that Hotwire only allows each household to make a Double the Difference claim once every 6 weeks (this is the current timeframe, which is subject to change, so double-check current terms and conditions before purchase if you've made a successful claim in the past). I think this 'shot' would more likely be done by somebody who has been successful with it before, so just adding this as a reminder to avoid anyone getting 'stuck' with an expensive hotel room if they have recently made a successful claim.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

Want to know if Rates Drop?? Get alerts at RateDrop.com

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Thanks. theruare, for that very important reminder.

In addition, don't forget:

In no event shall a customer receive refunds under the Double the Difference Guarantee in excess of $1,000 per calendar year.

I almost made a fatal error thinking the $1,000 limit was per refund.

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