Priceline Hotel: 4* Providence (Downtown) Westin

By shayde,

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The Westin Providence

One West Exchange Street

Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Check-In Date: Sat, June 12, 2004

Check-Out Date: Sun, June 13, 2004

Your Offer Price: $100.00

Number of Rooms: 1

Number of Nights: 1

Subtotal: $100.00

Taxes & Service Fees: $19.77

Total Charges: $119.77

We wanted to get a nice hotel in downtown Providence this weekend, as we're heading down for Waterfire. We tried several different combinations of bids; my husband and I each took turns with our own accounts so that we could try re-bidding for a room at a slightly higher price without having to change star levels or location. We were turned down when we tried bidding $45 and $50 for a 3* hotel, and $90 for a 4* hotel. But our $100 bid for a 4* hotel was accepted, and we got the Westin. (When I did searches on Westin.com and SideStep, both showed a rate of $219/night for that night.) So, we're pretty happy with the deal we got...the only downside is that the Westin charges for parking. (But we'll be riding down on a motorcycle, so hopefully we can find street/meter parking nearby.) Hope this info helps other bidders!

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Thank you for shairng your winning bid with the rest of the board... at less than half the going rate i think you got a great price.

For those of us not in the 'know', what is the Waterfire event about?

Thanks again for posting and enjoy your stay.

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Thanks for the weclome! :)

As for Waterfire, it's a really cool event that runs some weekends during the summer months. Providence has a riverwalk in the middle of its downtown area. During Waterfire, they set floating pyres of fragrant wood in the middle of the river at regular intervals. At dusk, people come by in barges and they light the fires one by one. They usually pipe in music in the background - kind of spooky, ethereal stuff that sets the mood. Some weekends, they also have ballroom dancing in the streets and/or jazz performances.

For more info, see http://www.waterfire.com

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