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By canoe,

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Cheers. I just perused Hotwire for a trip to Cancun, check-in Feb20, check-out Feb27. When I search for 2 adults and 2 children I get a hit for what I'm pretty sure is Dreams. I'd love to stay there. Problem is we also have an infant (15 mo). Of course Hotwire won't accept info for <2y.o. When I checked Dreams website it doesn't show availability for 2 adults, 2kids, and an infant which makes me a tad nervous. Anyone know the Hotwire policy re families of five with infants in general or have knowledge of how this might play out at a Mexican all inclusive? Thanks.

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This would be one for hotwire's customer service. However, this is the approach i would take...

I am interested in purchasing a 4* all-inclusive offered for 2/20-2/27. The form only asks for the number of adults (18+) and the number of children (2-17), so i entered 2adults and 2children. However, i will also have an infant with me, under 2 years old, is it ok to not include the baby on the search since s/he is under two?

You can also do this via email so that if you get a favorable response you have the email as evidence in case you do encounter any problems.

If you do move forward, please use our HOTWIRE link to begin any purchases you make.

Let us know the response you get from HOTWIRE.

Good Luck.

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Thereuare. Thanks for the usual sage advice. I emailed Hotwire customer support asking specifically about a family of five with an infant at an all inclusive. I was advised that the number of adults and children specified will determine the "type of room you receive" from the hotel and that a crib can be requested (from the hotel) once the reservation is complete. I was advised cribs were "based on availability". I asked specifically about extra charges in my email. This was not mentioned in the reply.

Not sure what we're doing with this vacation yet. I hesitated and lost the seat sale for the above dates and am just waiting for another cheap fare, but thought this info might be useful for someone else.

My advice to anyone in a similar cicumstance would be to get this in writing as thereuare suggested. All inclusive pricing seems pretty sensitive to numbers (even babes) on most hotel websites. Also carry a portable crib.

Perhaps this string should be moved to the general info board under a different heading- "Hotwire family of five" or something. I'll start a new post if we use Hotwire when our plans firm up. Thanks again.

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