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A bill for my Hotwire room

By swag,

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I recently completed a Hotwire stay, 9 nights at $91 + taxes and fees per night.

On the morning of my checkout, I found a bill had been printed and slipped under my door, showing a nightly rate (listed as "DISCOUNT ROOM") of $149.

My first thought was, interesting, I can see what Hotwire paid for the room. Then I realized that the shown rate was higher, which doesn't seem to make sense. Surely Hotwire wouldn't resell a room at a $58/night loss, right? The rate I got wasn't an accident, it had been available for a few weeks fluctuation between $91 and $104, all well below the $149 shown on the bill.

Any thoughts what is going on here?

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My guess is the way that the hotel 'suppresses' the Hotwire rate is by replacing it with another one, or it could just be a mistake.

We know that Hotwire receives rates from a hotel and then adds a markup. That's why Hotwire doesn't want you to know the real price they paid -- because it's lower than what you paid. And that's why Hotwire requires in their contracts with hotels that the rate be supressed.

It's unusual that any rate would be displayed at all, which is why what you report is probably a glitch. Likely bears no relation whatsoever to Hotwire's actual rate paid.

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