Priceline Hotel: 3* Orlando Grand Bohemian Question


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4 star bidding is no longer available in the downtown Orlando zone. Previous to this, the Westin Grand Bohemian was the only reported 4* hotel in the zone.

This hotel is showing in the list as being downgraded to 3 stars, however I can't locate any threads where people have actually reported it as a 3 star win.

So my question is .... has the hotel actually been reported as 3 stars (and I missed it), or is it possible they no longer participate with Priceline? I used to see the Grand Bohemian listed frequently in the Priceline Vacation package, however it didn't come up in a number of various date searches I performed today. I'm more inclined to think they no longer participate with Priceline as to having been downgraded to 3 stars. Just curious if anyone has any insight...

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don't know it if participates but since the new Sheraton Downtown (also 3*) wins around $65 I doubt you'll win the Grand unless the Sheraton (and Marriott) are sold out.

The Grand Bohemian does show on HOTWIRE as a 4* (and in their package products) along with another 4* which I think is the new Lexington.

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The downgrade is noted in THIS POST.

Thanks. That was actually the post where I noticed the loss of 4 star bidding in the downtown zone. The question is did the poster assume the Bohemian was downgraded simply because there is no longer 4 star bidding in the zone? I did a search for the Bohemian on the Priceline Florida board and it's never been reported as a win at the 3 star level. It's a terrific hotel, and a solid 4 stars, so until someone reports an actual win at 3 stars, I'm inclined to believe they no longer participate w/Priceline. Just my opinion!

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I 'm the one that made the post.

I didn't assume that the hotel was donwgraded due to the changes of the ratings in that zone when I did the post. I saw that the Grand Bohemian was downgraded when I did some research for my spring trip to Florida. I saw this in the PL package products when searching there. Per today is the Grand Bohemian still rated 3* by PL in the VP product and the non opaque product.

I hope this answer your thoughts.


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Thanks for confirming you saw the hotel listed as 3 stars in the vacation product. I did a number of date searches in the VP and it never came up for me, which fueled my suspicion they no longer participated w/Priceline.

I hope we see some wins for this property, but I suspect RunNGun's analysis is correct with the other lower priced 3 star hotels in the zone.

Now the million dollar question is why the Bohemian was downgraded. As I said earlier it was a solid 4 star by Priceline standards.

Thanks again for clearing up the mystery in my mind. :)

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FWIW, I just discovered the Grand Bohemian is no longer owned by Westin. It doesn't come up in an Orlando search at Westin.com. The change of ownership could help explain the downgraded status. I also did eight different date searches on Priceline's vacation package and it never came up.



At least it's still being sold by HOTWIRE!

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