Hotwire Hotel: 4* San Francisco (Embarcadero) Hilton Financial

By yevlesh2,

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The Customer Favorite designation comes and goes, so i wouldn't an offering not being a given hotel simply because there is/isn't a Customer Favorite tag attached to it.

These amenities are common for a 'city' hotel, but the Omni or the Hyatt would be our best guess.

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Let us know how it goes or if we can be of further help.

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The hotel ended up being Hilton Financial District :) :) - despite not having the spa amentity listed

I stayed there twice in the past (Priceline) and absolutely hated the place - this is certainly my least favorite hotel in San Francisco.

Since its only a 1 night stay, might end up booking something else instead - really don't want to go back to that Hilton.

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Sorry to hear this one didn't go as expected and that you're not happy with the outcome.

Rather than not use the reservation, why not try to arrive late, leave early, and any money you would have spent on another hotel use to enjoy yourself in San Francisco... go have a cocktail at a fancy bar, order a bottle of win during dinner you wouldn't normally splurge on, go see a show, movie, etc, etc. If you're able to use the hotel as "just a place to sleep" then maybe you can make this work?

Hope it goes better than you expect... try to enjoy your stay.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Are you certain that the SPA was not listed when you went back to make your purchase? If one is not careful when returning to HOTWIRE to make the purchase after the "research" here, you might get a different result, without noticing. I am interested in staying in S.F. and was about to make a purchase through this site's HOTWIRE link, and the 4* Embarcadero with SPA showed up, when it did not before. I was entering my credit card info, when I noticed that it was a match for JUST 2 Adults, not the 2 Adults + 2 kids I had assumed it was for. Changing that, and the Hotel with a SPA disappeared from my matches.

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