Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Monterey (Monterey-Pacific Grove) Hilton Gardern Inn

By Mannedorf,

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Congratulations on your win!

Thank you for sharing it with the board and confirming this property for the Priceline Hotel List (this property was recently a Hilton but has since been converted to a Hilton Garden Inn... this is the first time reported here under the new brand)

Do you recall if this was your first bid at the 2.5* level (if not, do you remember the amount of your previously rejected 2.5* bid)

Thanks! Enjoy your stay.

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Do you recall if this was your first bid at the 2.5* level (if not, do you remember the amount of your previously rejected 2.5* bid)
$97 was not my first bid. Sorry, I can't remember my series of bids, but will take better notes and report them with future successful bids.

This hotel is on the upper end of 2.5* in quality; I think it far exceeds the quality of any Courtyard Marriott stays that I have ever had. I had read noise complaints from TripAdvisor, so asked for a quiet room. I was assigned to Room 100, the handicapped room close to the lobby. The clerk explained that it was the only room available that did not face the highway. Each evening we heard lots of noise from the bar where a group of business folks gathered for the usual office bantering after their meetings. This partying noise usually ended by midnight, so I guess it is better than listening to traffic all night. The handicapped room had a very small sink and hand-held shower which my kids were not accustomed to using, so sometimes I had to get extra towels to soak up the water on the floor. I asked if there was another room the second day of our stay, but was told that the hotel was sold out. On the plus side, since we were close to the lobby, it was convenient to get free Starbucks coffee every morning and free cookies on the evenings we returned early to the hotel. Parking and internet use were free. Room had a fridge and microwave, and a coin laundry room was convenient with kids. The Del Monte outdoor mall was an exit away on the highway, and we had breakfast at the Whole Foods market several times.

Thereuare, thanks for your help, and good luck with the new baby.

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