Hotwire Hotel: 3.5 star hotel in bloomington east?

By Lor20,

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when looking at hotwire for a night from the 23rd to 24th of july i get a 3.5 star hotel for 95$, amenities:

Airport Shuttle

Fitness Center


Business Center

High-speed Internet Access

Spa Services

tripadvisor score of 3.0 with 40+reviews and last review may 2007.

any clue which one this is? I was thinking it might be the grand lodge but when i put in 2 adults and a child it doesn't come up yet the grand lodge has 1 free child when in the room of their parents (and since we are having our daughter with us that is kind of important :-P).

the ones with 3.0 and more than 40 reviews are the

ramada inn (3.0 - 42 reviews-3 stars on tripadvisor)

the grand lodge (3.0 - 54 reviews - no star rating shown)

if it is the ramada they do have a room with only a queen bed which wouldnt work for us and it might be the better match (40+reviews, not 50+ - however the normal room rates there arent 169$ as shown).

any insight would be helpful - if i decide to book it ill keep you guys updated.

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Lor20 - Welcome to BetterBidding!

The case could be that the Grand Lodge only gives rooms with a queen or king to HOTWIRE.

You have to search for a room that takes 3 persons if you want a separate bed for your daughter. You might ending up paying an additional charge if you only book for 2 and shows up with your daughter.

What would you like to do?


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the thing is the grand lodge does not have rooms that only sleep 2 people - the smallest room configuration they have is a king bed with a pullout sleeping couch so im not sure wether it is that hotel at all.


so if it is that hotel it'd be fine with me, i just saw it labeled at 4 stars on the list here so i wasnt sure which one it is. (Expedia now labels it 3.5 stars though)

if itis that hotel i'd go for it - if it wasnt i'd prolly just go with priceline and a cheaper hotel seeing as i really only need a place to spend a few hours and a night but its got a greeat location close to the mall and the airport from which ill leave the next day around noon.

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So maybe the HOTWIRE price for this hotel is only valid for 2 people. It happens all the time when you search on HOTWIRE that some hotels only takes 2 people/room. And some hotels only shows up when you search for 3 people.

Comparing the amenities from your dates on HOTWIRE to the boards list it looks like the Grand Lodge has been downgraded from 4* to 3.5*. But ratings, zones and hotels change all the time at HOTWIRE so this could be a diffrent hotel.

It's allways difficult to advise other what to do in a case like this. But speaking for myself, I would be pretty calm getting this hotel. But I know to little about the area to say "go for it". The problem with this area is that one can't do a vacation search to help out in the ID. Did you look at the Ramada site if they have a spa? And the ratings at TA is nothing you should rely on.

also, if you go with Priceline. They only guarantee a room for 2 adults. So you can get a room with a king or queen.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.


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