Priceline Hotel: 4* London (Regents Park-Baker St) Marriott Regents Park

By athtrasna,

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Having seen wins on here for the Hilton Metropole (which we love) I decided to go straight in (via SavingsBarn) at $125 a night. Now wish I'd played it a bit cooler, but not having re-bids made me more decisive going in.

Anyway I got the Mariott Regents Park, not over the moon about location but that's the chance you take with Priceline.

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Thank you for sharing your win with the board and for using the SavingsBarn.com PRICELINE links to begin your bidding.

I think the Hilton typically goes for a bit less than you bid, so you may have just 'overshot' it a bit by starting at $125. Hopefully this will work out just as well for your plans.

Thanks again for posting, enjoy your stay.

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Booked our hotel (Marriott Regents Park - London) through Priceline last week. Logged on to hotel's website to see that the hotel is being refurbished (soft?) 7 days a week. In my experience, a hotel undergoing such works cannot claim to be a 4 star hotel for the duration of the works.

Mailed Priceline - response 1 (automatic, we will respond within 3 hours)

Response 2 - we understand your concerns. Has been passed to customer services, we will reply by email within 2 business days.

Mailed after 3 bus days - response - you need to call us on....

Mailed back stating that I'm not in the US so couldn't call that number. Response - here's an international number.

Mailed back to say I'm not calling you, you said you'd sort it by email and quoted from their mail. Response - you have to call us.

Mailed back to say you said you'd mail me. I am not paying for an international call, it can be sorted by email so maybe when your US office opens they might mail me. (all other replies have been from people who sign off in the format used in India).

Response - we have contacted the hotel, we will come back to you within 3-5 working days.

I find this amazing, why did I have to resort to pointing out where their "customer service" is located to get any pretence of a result?

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An update to this - I got another email less than 24 hours later to say that they had spoken to the hotel. The only problem might be noise (pretty obvious I thought!!) but the staff member they spoke to said they would make arrangements for us not to be affected...which I hope means a room far away from the works...only time will tell!

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