Priceline Hotel: 3* Orange County (Disneyland) Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort

By humble,

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I tried $35 bid on all zone near LAX and denied. The lowest I can see is $62 per night for 2 double beds (Ramada Inn, Bell Gardens CA).

4 Adults and 1 Kid turned just 1 will be traveling there for vacation for 5 days. Haven't decided the places but if I can get a good hotel which is nearby all attractions to reduce travel/traffic time and free shuttle to disney or universal studios to avoid parking charges.

Any suggestion would be welcome. TIA

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I didn't know about the bidding restrictions and tricks to bid again and again. So I selected all zones and tried till $40.

I need 2 double beds, 1 room.

Now I have more constraints.

1. Hotels with Kitchen

2. Near to attractions (Universal Studio, disneyland, hollywood, etc.,) I have no idea how far each of them.

3. Free Car Parking

I know the above constraints make it harder or even possible to get one. They are not just constraints will drop it based on the deal if it is really good.

I don't know how to search for hotels with kitchen facilities in priceline, I guess I can't. When I googled, it shows a separate link for each hotel sites from priceline.

So far I stayed in Extended Stay America which was good but not able to find one which is near to attractions and cheap. The cheapest I could find was $94 for AAA rate without Tax.

I need good car deal as well, the cheapest I could find was at alamo site for Full Size + Toddler seat for 5 days - 179+

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I think you're probably using priceline beyond its limitations as there are many aspects you 'need' which are not guaranteed thru their service (2 beds, kitchen, location, free parking... none of these are guaranteed and some of them i would actually call unlikely).

You could try HOTWIRE where you will at least know if the hotel offers a kitchenette and hopefully can figure out the likely hotel offered so that you an determine the other aspects. However, you still won't be able to figure out if you'll receive 2 beds... if this is a requirement then i would search HOTWIRE for triple occupancy as this will insure that the two occupants won't be sharing the same bed (although one may be sleeping on a rollaway, pullout sofa, etc)

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That is what I thought after reading all the terms & conditions and my constraints.

I was able to get 2 beds by changing the option at the hotel page, but I guess I can't use 'Name your price' in this way. I am traveling with my parents, wife and kid. So we can share 2 beds which we did recently at Pittsburg Holiday Inn. I am also planning to drop the kitchen and parking free if I can get very good deal.

For cars, I tried hotwire, priceline and AAA and alamo site, the alamo site seems to be cheaper.

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Bell Garden isn't such a good area and it's not close to any of the attractions you want to see. If you're willing to change hotels it will probably work out better for your family to stay 2 or 3 nights in Anaheim, right near Disney, and the other nights near Universal or Hollywood.

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I wouldnt never want to stay in a hotel in Bell Gardens, its just trying to want to stay in a hotel in compton, haha.

free parking? haha this is LA, LA hotels dont believe in free parking, almost every hotel charges for parking.

welcome to la. the first thing you do is pay out your ass for parking, lol. its a way of life. stay away from downtown where the parking there is around 30 bucks a night.

also not many hotels have kitchens or even fridges in them. space is limited. you cant single out a residence inn in LA or an embassy suites. their bunched up with other hotels. so your not most likely not going to get one. though some hotels you can request a mini fridge, for a fee.

if your trying to save money, I would recommend bidding for 3 star by LAX, or 3 star woodland hills.

ive gotten the hilton in woodland hills many times for 40-50bucks a night. but woodland hills is about 30 mins away from hollywood or anywhere. but if your willing to drive to it, its fine, plus theres free street parking. By LAX theres the crowne plaza, hilton and marriot u can usually get in the 40-60$ range. (sometimes the 4* westin u can get for 60) but there is limited free street parking. one time i got the westin for 70, and i parked it half mile away but i had to move it by 8am because of the street restrictions, but i didnt pay no $ to park it. screw em!

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The above is the "Los Angeles" region, which is different than the "Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley" region (which is the region which includes Woodland Hills). You can access this alterante region by going to Priceline and entering "woodland hills, ca" as the city to search by.

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Are you still planning on visiting Disneyland, as you mentioned at the start? If so why aren't you looking at hotels in Anaheim? Most Anaheim hotels have free parking (not all) and primarily rooms with two beds.

Woodland Hills isn't near any of the attractions you mentioned wanting to see. It's at least an hour drive from Disney. The Hilton is the hotel people usually win in Woodland Hills. It's a business oriented hotel with expensive pay parking, an expensive restaurant, plus high likelihood of winning a room with one bed.

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I appreciate the updates guys.

As of now the attractions I am planning to visit are : (ordered on the importance/priority)

SanDiego SeaWorld

Universal Studios

Universal CityWalk

Hollywood Hall of Fame

Hollywood Wax Muesuem

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles City Hall

Santa Monica Beach

Disney Land

I put disney land as last one since I don't what would I do there :) I have one year old kid. Is it for adults also?

Please suggest any other place which is worth seeing and the best place to stay to see these attractions with out much delay. I am okay with travelling 20 miles as long as I can reach without delay, but after reading the traffic nightmare I want to stay in reachable distance :) and cheaper :o .

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We've been to Disneyland and LA area many times. IMHO, the best place to stay is Anaheim. You can get a 3* Priceline hotel near DL for about $50, or you can book one of the hotels directly across the street from DL on S. Harbor Blvd (Best Westerm, Park Vue Inn, etc.) for about $100. Most of them have free parking, 2 double beds, and are walking distance to DL. Some of them have free shuttles. There are lots of restaurants and stores in the area.

For big families, Embassy Suites may be good choice. There is one in Anaheim and one in Downey. The suite can fit 6 people and their rate includes breakfast and evening receiption.

We stayed at Hilton Woodhill, and I agree with others that it is a business hotel. Also, the fitness center and the pool are not inside the main building; it's across the street in a different facility.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks. I am okay to stay as far as 30 mins journey to attractions. But I am concerned about traffic. I guess it would take 30-45 mins from anaheim to universal studios. I am okay with that if traffic permits. What is the best time to go to attractions and avoiding traffic.

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Almost everything on your list is in or much closer to Hollywood than Anaheim except Disneyland (and Sea World), and with your lodging requirements you really might want to look at Orchid Suites right by Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood - it will meet all your requirements and it gets good reviews - and book that conventionally, and then perhaps shifting to Anaheim for a couple of nights to see Disneyland and maybe Sea World.

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3* Holiday-Inn Anaheim Resort - April 27th to May 2nd

Day before Yesterday

Selected Disneyland Area, $42 - Rejected

Selected Anaheim , $43 - Rejected

Tried again

Selected Disneyland Area, $44 - Rejected

Selected Anaheim , $45 - Rejected


Selected Disneyland Area, $46 - Rejected

Selected Anaheim , $47 - Rejected

Tried again:

Selected Disneyland Area, $48 - Accepted

After tax total comes to $278

I was expecting Hilton for kitchen amenity but ended up with this one. Anyway good deal.

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