Priceline Hotel: Orlando Universal Area -- ideas needed 6/8-10

By travelAlot,

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Hoping to extend a work trip to Orlando and staying the weekend of June 8 (Fri 6/8 and Sat 6/9) Based on my research, wanting to be semi-central and not having a rental car, I've settled on staying in the Universal/Sea World zone. Also, from the hotel reviews, i realize that 3-star is the safer bet, although some 2.5 stars are exceptional and some are bordering on dumps.

So far I've tried all the rebids, even gone in increments of $1 from $35 to $60 (lol yup I'm a veteran PL bidder). My question is, other than booking a cancellable backup, are there any strategies that seem to consistently work in this zone for 3-star properties? Especially if any of you know have seen inventory get more available as it gets closer (I have almost 2 months so some flexibility). Usually, via free rebids and a disciplined strategy, I'm successful so this is kinda stuming me.

Any ideas are most welcome -- Thanks!

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I would say that most of the 2.5* are excellent value. Sure, there is a few you don't want but they are few and not coming up so much on Priceline. But this is the case for the 3* also. But I would not overlook the 2.5* for that reason.

How high have you bid for 2.5* and 3* ??

I took a quick look at HOTWIRE for your dates and there is a 3* for $53 in the Universal area. There is a match for the Clarion Universal so the that would be a good guess.

The summer crowds are starting to hit the parks the week that you are going.

Have you looked at boards EasyClickTravel Search . You can get good deals for the Universal Doubletree there.


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Thanks for the ideas.

Yeah, I've looked at Hotwire to match things up. I see the Clarion as a glorified 3-star and the HW rates holding at $50 or so. Also intriguing is a 2.5 star Seaworld/Conv Ctr zone that is coming up but I cant totally identify -- Suite, Complimentary Breakfast, Fitness, Pool, Kitchennette -- is kind of hard to match up. Could be Amerisuites (on VP the 2.5-star says Universal and has hi-speed internet so I dont think it's Amerisuites because the 2.5 star showing is Seaworld-Conv Ctr), possibly Hampton Inn...and knowing how Hotwire bumps up its ratings by 1/2 a star (ie Clarion is really 2.5 star anywhere else but 3 on Hotwire), this could be a remodeled extende-stay 2-star that's 2.5 If I knew that the suites 2.5 star was definitively something specific (the Seaworld/Convention Center one that's $54 right now), I'd jump on it and be done -- on HOTWIRE, it notes a $19.50/night savings and no corresponding 2.5-star Expedia hotels appear to be twd Seaworld/Conv Ctr.

As far as the PL 2.5 stars, the Metropolitan and Holiday Inn look to be absolute dumps so I'd like to avoid that. In fact on HOTWIRE VP, Metropolitan and Amerisuites are exactly th same price so Im thinking a PL 2.5-star bid would be a crapshoot between them.

As far as EasyClickTravel, best value was Residence Inn Sea World at $78, not ideal as I wont have a car and it's 3/4th mile at least from I-Drive (if got for $45 on PL I wouldnt complain). Doubltree is OK, but seems up in that $75-80 range. I'm trying to stay toward $50 or so.

On PL, I've gone as high as $60 so far on 3-star, literally bidding in $1 increments with free rebids and combos. And the next day starting $5-10 cheaper to make sure that new inventory didnt just become available. Have taken a shot in the dark at 4-star, going as high as $73 (no expectations). Havent started with 2.5 star, as focusing on 3-star and wanting to avoid Holiday Inn and Matropolitan (as it gets closer, I may be more flexible).

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Nice homework! Don't forget to search for 3 adults (or any other combo) on HOTWIRE even if your party is 2 adults. You get diffrent options by doing that.

You have the Doubletree Universal for $63 on your dates on GTA Hotels found under boards support links if you don't want to roll the dice.

I have tried before to ID the mysterious 2.5* without any luck so I can't help you with that.

Metropolitan and Holiday Inn are not so frequent on Priceline. But you don't want the Metropolitan. The Holiday Inn isn't that bad if you can talk your way into a suite. It's the standard rooms that are bad.

Good luck!


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Thanks Henrik. Great information. Had heard of GTA Hotels but hadnt paid much attention (in part lol because it doesnt breakdown results real searchable). Seeing the 4-day cancel policy for full refund policy, I cant go wrong booking the Doubletree for now, and seeing what I get later. Plan B is Quality Inn, which while a motel, has excellent reviews and can be gotten for $45 through some manuvering. Great tiop also on the Hotwire 3-4 person thing showing more options/inventory et al.

Thanks again


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