Priceline Hotel: 3* Northern VA (Tysons Corner-Falls Church) Westin

By gotatravelbug,

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Westin Tysons Corner - Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA

I was bidding between $100-$150 in Arlington, Alexandria, Georgetown/Foggy Bottom, Crystal city with no luck. This Westin is retailing $269 excluding tax.

2 rooms at $150 per night = $300 plus $42.04 taxes/fees.

Grand total = $342.04

I still saved about 50% so I'm pretty happy. :)

I had trouble with the savingsbarn link to make this bid. It wouldn't open on my end. :) Anyway to give credit where credit is due after the fact?

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Congratulations on your win and thank you for sharing it with the board.. helping us add this property to the Priceline Hotel List for the area.

Looks like a very nice deal. Sorry to hear you had trouble with the SB links and thanks for trying... if it happens again please send us a PM so we can try the links too and perhaps see if there is a workaround.

Do you recall the amount of your highest rejected bid?

Thanks, enjoy your stay.

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I wonder if it had to do where I was accessing the site from. It's fine here at home. :) I know I'm not going crazy. :) I will keep that in mind in the future thought. We were on the hot seat and needed a room for tomorrow night so I didn't have a lot time to try and figure out what was going on. Maybe there's a filter I'm not aware of. ????

My travel partner bidded the following:

3* straight through - never changed the star level.

$125 Arlington - rejected

Added Crystal City and bumped up to $150 - rejected

Added Alexandria and went down to $125 - rejected ( this area had hotels for $200 a night so I thought I could go down - WRONG!)

Added Georgetown/Foggy Bottom and increased to $150 - rejected

Gave up and closed out.

2nd attempt - Me bidding:

Earlier in the day - Arlington 3* - $100 - rejected

Close Out.

Then I tried for Tysons Corner-Falls Church under a separate bid at $150 since they were running about $290 a night on average and won. :D

I didn't catch that the Westin wasn't on the list. :o :) Looks like it's been recently renovated. I'll do a review when I return.

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I got this same hotel for April for $76, but feel kind of ripped off, since I was actually trying for the 3* Marriot. The Westin doesn't have a complimentary breakfast, no complimentary water (only "business clients" get complimentary bottled water), the only place you can get water is from the bathroom tap (and they have no water fountain or icebox outside your room; your only option is to buy), and no microwave oven.

It's pretty much your poor man's 3*, or rather, a 2* for 3* prices. If only I could've gotten the Marriot... The rooms are small to boot, too.

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All HOTWIRE hotels reported in this area would be found in the Washington DC Hotwire Hotel List (Hotwire puts this as part of their Washington DC zone while Pricleine includes it in the Virginia zone, which is why different state categories are used for each)

For help with this stay please star a NEW TOPIC, including the dates of your stay and the amenities associated with any hotels you are intersted in.


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