Priceline Hotel: 3* Portland (South-Scarborough) Sheraton

By OldRelayer,

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The last time I booked this hotel I bid $60(3/04/07) and it was accepted right off, this time I thought I would try a little lower and it is more into nicer weather for $55 and it was accepted right off, not sure if I should have bid a little lower, although at this point it is just a game, I am quite satisfied with $55 for a nice nights stay. The Marriot is really our choice for a 3* hotel in South Portland but it doesn't come up on priceline often and for a $100 less a night we can suffer through it.

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Your subscritpions are set to 'delayed' which only send you notification if you're not active on the board at the time of the reply. You're considered 'active' if you've clicked a link on the board within the last 15 minutes... so you may leave the board and 10 minutes later a reply is made, and you won't get a notification since you're still considered 'active'. You can change your preference for each subscription you have thru the MY CONTROLS (left hand side, under subscriptions). Change to 'immediate' and you should receive email notifications regardless of your 'active' status on the board. I do know of one other user who is having a similar issue and the above didn't solve the situation, but there shoulud be a board upgrade coming soon (w/n 8 weeks) so isn't worthwhile to go digging thru code if it will be replaced in a few weeks anyway.

Thanks for the follow-up.

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As I write this I am at the Cyber Center at the Sheraton City Center Philadelphia. I spent last night at the S heraton Portland. I got the room as indicated for $55. What a bargain. The room and two days of parking and a ride to the airport for $55 and it was very nice, had a great sleep. They also have a business center, which I like I don't have a laptop and if I did not sure I would lug it around. Just an update I had a few minutes. If you need to do a park shuttle fly out of Portland, this sure a nice way to go, I think the parking alone at the airport would cost us $50.

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