Priceline Hotel: Ft. Lauderdale February 23rd - 25th

By dwarte,

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dwarte - welcome to the board!

I have been watching the Ft. L beach area very close latley for an upcoming stay and I wish I could bring good news for your first post here. But this weekend is very busy in Ft. Lauderdale. I don't know why, maybe it is a big cruise thing. I live in Sweden so I don't know if it's an early spring break start?

Anyway, rack rates are very high for this weekend. Hilton (Clipper/Yankee) 3* are $300+, Bahia Mar 3* was $225+ last time I looked. So your bidds are not close. The board has a reported stay at similar date for $115 3* (Doubletree Suites). But this is close to 3 weeks ago.

Hotwire got a 3* for your dates at $223. Looks like one of the Hiltons. But you better ask admin about this so I don't get in trouble. But you could try and hit the Doubletree Suites on Priceline.

But please ask admin about bidding advice and posting your maximum rate for your stay if you need help. And please use the boards savingsbarn.com link for bidding.

Good luck!


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Thanks Henrick,

My girlfriend said they've got a "city-wide" which apparently means huge convention in the industry.. ie. hotels are thin "city-wide" ohh well...

Looks like Im way too low on the bids. I still dont want to pay more then $110 a night. I may look into Hollywood FL or another area (although I have to do some research and find out what those places are like).

I put in $78 - 4* and got rejected just now... Looks like my bids in the $60's were just wasted bids. If you wait, does it typically work to your advantage?

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dwarte - the 4* Hyatt Pier 66 is sold out for your dates.

This is how I should do for this stay.

1. Book a cancellable reservation as a back-up since the area is running low on rooms. And this will allow you to have some peace when bidding and keeping your budget. Try boards EasyClickTravel.

2. Not keep trying higer then 3* in this area since your max rate is $110.

3. If you don't hit anything on priceline and really want to stay in this area so ask admin for help.

There is really no easy answer your question about to bid closer to your stay. Please read this post "www.betterbidding.com/index.php?showtopic=23274&" for information.

I wouldn't wait in this case since rates are high and many hotels are sold out for your dates. Maybe there is "block reservations" made on some hotels. if so, are you favored to bid late if the hotels don't sell all the rooms. But like I said, there is no easy answer. But get a back-up so you have time to play. And read the post about "when to bid".

Please post your outcome on this.


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