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Was just looking at Priceline as I've had succes bidding on 3* hotels in the East Syracuse zone.... However, I just saw the Holiday Inn was upgraded from a 2* to a 3* property. There is no way this property is the equivalent of the Wyndham, Embassy Suites, or Double Tree, all of which get 3* from Priceline as well. With the Holiday Inn a possiblity, I think bidding on 3* in East Syracuse could be a very chancy proposition.

Why on earth would Priceline consider a Holiday Inn to be the equivalent of the Embassy Suites? Other than pure profit motive, I just don't understand -- and frankly, it's not helping profit that much as it's preventing me from bidding...

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Since the earlier posting, the Holiday Inn is now a 2* and in serious need of a complete renovation, the Wyndham is now a Doubletree and rated at 2.5* and there are no 3* in the East Sracuse zone. There have been no postings of successful bids in at least 2 - 3 years for the Embassy Suites and possibly no longer participating in the Priceline program although available on the Priceline traditional booking system as a 3*.

A new concern is a 2* in the Airport zone (formerly Syracuse North with boundary changes) is that the Budget Inn comes up. This property is your 30 - 40 year old motel that looks 30 - 40 years old and I located an old review, there are none on tripadvisor. I have driven into this property and not impressed. IMO, it would rate less than a 1*. It is possible the inside is better than what the outside looks. Also, if you got this property thinking it was close to the airport, again disappointment if you had to take taxis, probably 8 miles each way and no shuttle. It is in the middle of nowhere on the east side of South Bay Road and north and adjacent to the 481 in the midst of a residential and industrial area.

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