Priceline Hotel: Vegas 4/24/07-4/27/07

By JerryGuitar,

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I have a "how soon is too soon" question also. I'm looking for 4/24/07-4/27/07. Since it's a Tues, Wed, Thurs night, I have high hopes of eventually landing a good deal (i.e. $99-$119 Venetian, or similar). I have been looking directly at hotel sites to get a feel for available rates, and everything is either sky-high or unavailable. My first thought is this is too soon to look - maybe rates haven't been loaded into their systems yet?

Thanks for your help (& go easy on the newbie)

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There are three conventions taking place during this time period. None are huge on their own (17K, 8K, and 5K) by Vegas standards... but with all of them happening simultaneously it adds up to a sizable number of conventioneers in town.

With current rates at the Venetian at nearly $500/nite, i don't think this is a "too early" sitaution, but rather a "higher than usual midweek demand" situation. Remember, rates aren't usually cheap midweek because it's midweek, but rather that demand is typically low... but have a tick up in demand and you can find midweek rates that rival weekend dates.

Not sure of your budget, but you could book the Aladdin (will it be Plane Hollywood by then?) for $110/nite... and it's cancellable so you can always continue to try and monitor the opaque providers.

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That's correct. Your card is charged the full amount of the reservation at the time of booking, but the entire amount is fully refundable up until the time stated on the site (typically 72 hours). I've never had an issue with EasyClickTravel, even when I had to cancel a reservation recently. Calling to cancel took about 45 seconds, with no questions, and the full amount was refunded to my card within a couple of days. Unlike just about every other site where you don't book with the hotel directly, there is no cancellation fee.

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Hi there,

Thanks so much for forwarding this website. I do have a question about it though...and any advice anyone has for possibly getting around the problem I encountered when trying to make my reservation.

After reviewing the website, I thought I would call the hotel to book my reservation, I got close to the end of the booking when I was asked for my Aladdin Players card number - is there any advice on what to do when there is a restriction like this? Or can you simply not book unless you have this card?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I want to thank you also for this link. I booked for May 6th and 7th. I am also worried about not being a club card holder. Will it still be the Aladdin Club Card in May, instead of Planet Hollywood? I have other rooms booked at the Monte Carlo for those nights also. Will you two post on here upon your return as to your success with this great Club Card price? I'd hate to get there and be signing up for a Planet Hollywood card and they ask for Aladdin card. Thanks.

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