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Train or bus to and from Philadelphia

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sorry, i am not sure if this was the correct place to post this question, but i couldn't find a better place!

i have a quick question...what are all of your opinions on ground transportation to and from phili? i am very confused, not having much ground transportation options here in hawaii. i know about the amtrak, but i do know there are bus options too. i know amtrak is significantly more expensive than a bus ride, but what do you really think in terms of the pros and cons of each? i heard of chinatown bus companies such as today's and new century. both of these buses sound decent on their websites, and seem to have decent departure times and direct routes, but am i missing something? i will have to travel with a decent amount of luggage.

please advise! thank you!

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Here's a post I made about China bus and other transport options for New York.

China bus has a ONE baggage in the bus storage rule, one hand baggage on board.

Some useful links on there for booking on-line.

From Philly to where??

Where are you in Hawaii? We're visiting in October and any local tips would be good :)

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If you're going from Philly to Washington, NY or Boston, I'd take the train, it's not much more & a lot more confortable.

bon voyage

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hi guys,

thanks! i think i will stick to the train. besides, i'm on vacation. but, the bus sounds like a good option if i just wanted to take a day trip or something (light luggage). i'll keep this in mind!

blindman: yes, i'm from honolulu. let me know what questions you have and i will try my best to also give you some good tips. :)

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