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By kneemeister,

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I got this Hotel on a 35.00 bid using priceline, after reading reviews at other sites i was a little aprehensive about my stay.

I have to say my fear was unneeded. This Hotel is one of the oldest resorts on I-Drive, so it is sprawling and made up of about 16 seperate two story villias with about 40 rooms each most with outside entrances. The Hotel is going thru a remodeling and the priceline rooms of course were next to the site, but the noise did not start till after one is normally up while in the land of Amusment park overload. We also had to park on the wrong side of our building as the lot on ourside was not completed, yet.

The room we were assigned in building 14 was rather small and dated for a three star, but was as good or better than any 2.5 star room. It was a double double with very comfortable beds, but the room should have been a single queen or king for its size, it was clean but the furnishings were past there prime. This room was fully acceptable for three single quys on vacation but would have been tiny for a family of 4. Our building was like someone ploped down a couple Holiday Inn wings in the middle of an otherwise beautiful Resort.

The Grounds and pools made up for any shortcomming in the rooms, there were three huge pools one with and outdoor bar next to it and a large Hottub near by. There was also a large gift shop complete with ice cream parlor. The facilities also included a great qym/spa building.

This complex was very comfortable and relaxing the facilities were far better than expected.

I would rate the rooms as 2 to 2.5 and the grounds and facilities as 3.5-4.0.

As my brother kept telling everone he met, "Its the nicest place I ever stayed!"

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  • 1 year later...

Ha! I should have read the previous review before my vacation!! I, too, was concerned about this win, because I don't remember this hotel NOT being here (which would put it at 25+ years old). BTW, we won it for $44 on 5/25-27/05. The room quality was not as good as other 3* I have been in; the mattresses are very tired. I did like the laminate (wood-look) flooring; this is such a smart thing to do in a hotel room-- soooo much cleaner than carpet. Front desk was friendly, but lost one of our wake-up calls. Housekeeping did a fine job.

At check-in, I was asked whether 2 doubles, nonsmoking was okay (of course it was) and pressed my luck by asking if he had a room near the pool complex and also convenient to parking. He did get us quite close to the pool, not so close to parking (this resort's layout makes most rooms either close to parking or to pool, but not both).

As mentioned above, the Wyndham's grounds are very impressive. This is a huge area with fifteen 2-story room buildings plus a convention center, all gathered around 3 lagoons (on is a free-form concrete pool inhabited by ducks-- I wish we'd brought bread-- there was a Mama, Daddy, and Baby while we were here), West Pool, East Pool and Jacuzzi. They also have a very large fitness center (with plenty of machines), playground (small, but very new and clean), and a video arcade. The Wyndham has several restaurants including a pool bar, ice cream shop, etc.

The expansive lawns, flower beds, etc. made me feel much more relaxed, not as if we were on a large, city lot bordered by International Drive, Sand Lake Road, and Universal Boulevard (which it is). This property is really a gem in a great location.

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  • 2 months later...

We booked this hotel as well via Priceline, and when we got to the hotel, we were in the most disgusting room I've ever seen, and I've stayed at Motel 6s in the past. The room was run down, the carpet was dirty, the linens appeared to be dirty and the room was dusty. We immediately called Priceline who in turn stated that they had contacted the front desk, but they had not. HOWEVER, when we did go to the front desk and spoke with the manager, they upgraded our room immediately, and we were in one of the renovated rooms that was clean. In the future, I will NOT be using Priceline for a hotel in the area, and will stick to Orbitz or Expedia to avoid this hotel like the plague.

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  • 1 month later...

I've stayed at the Wyndham Palace in WDW and that was god awful............um this wasn't bad, it wasn't amazing either.

It's a 3*/Resort, however you want to call it........only complaint was A/C leaked and had to move to a new room.......encountered the same exact problem at the Palace too (must be a Wyndham thing!)

large property with lots of buildings and rooms, different pools, jacuzzi, nice landscaping, safe area.......it's problem is the same as the Palace's.....it's a nice hotel but the property is so taxed over the years by the huge influx of tourists to the Orlando area that it tends to be rundown

with that regard it's on the lower end of 3*/Resort

no resort fee, and they gave me the option of whether I wanted to put a credit card down for incidentals (that was kinda cool to have a choice)

I got it for $44 thru Name your own price so I was happy, definitely better than the Palace

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Just returned from our Orlando weekend. Turns out our deal was a steal as there were two major conventions in town this weekend. Rooms were going for over $200 per night.

Hotel was great. Room was great - we were put in building 12. Nice balcony and 'inside' entrance. I was very pleased to walk in and find 4 bath towels in our King room. That's one of my pet peaves...

The grounds are spacious and the hotel is close to all amenities and parking was closeby. We also ate in the restaurant one night and used the 'patiserrie' in the AM. Service in both was excellent.

All around opinion of this property is very high and will definately stay again if the opportunity arises.

PS- there was NO Resort Fee charged.

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  • 4 months later...

Just stayed here (Paid $55 Priceline 5-20-06 after several days of misses at $45, 51, 52, 53, & 54). My wife had a convention at the Swan & Dolphin (better read as the S*#T & DUMP). The S*#T & DUMP wanted $279 to extend one extra night.

We were ELATED when we arrived in the room at the Wyndham. It was exponentially better than the Swan & Dolphin's miniscule, heavily abused, rooms. We stayed in Building 9 and I was given a King non-smoking when I asked for it at check in. The room had a small balcony with a great view of the lagoon & pool area. It was a bit dated, but very clean and well kept. Everything worked and the maid gave us extra towels when we asked for them. The bed was accpetable and the room had a nice loveseat as well. No resort charge and NO PARKING CHARGE with ample parking within a few steps from the building entrance make this place a deal. The pool and grounds were fantastic and both my wife and I felt like we got a true travel bargain. We would definately stay here again!

Overall, a true 3* with great amenities, good rooms, and good service.

A real bargain at $55! Wyndam.com advertised internet-only rates at $92 for the same night.

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  • 2 years later...

Horrible!!! Stay Away!

I won a two night stay at this hotel through Priceline for $43/night. There were no recent reviews so I took a chance. Big mistake! Upon arrival we were given a room with a leak in the bathroom. The floor was flooded and dirty. The second room we received was already occupied! My children and I walked in on a man lying in bed with his dog. We were mortified. The front desk attendant did not seem surprised only stating that the computer showed the room as available. She searched for the next 15 minutes for a clean room (it was 4:30pm), even calling the maid staff to verify, but could find nothing. A manager walked over and I explained the situation, she said nothing to me. She typed a few things on the computer and walked away. We were given the keys to another room. This room was clean and neat. Although, the furnishings are very old and it is nothing special. Shocking since all of the rooms have been renovated.

We would have been satisfied enough but on our second night, someone opened our door with a key twice! The only thing that kept them from coming in was the top indoor latch. I had to get up at 1:30 and 3:30 to close the door. It woke my kids up and they were very frightened. I told the front desk at check out and they really could have cared less.

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  • 2 years later...

I've stayed at this Wyndham multiple times over the years and don't understand what everyone is complaining about. I've stayed in a few different buildings...had two doubles one stay, then a king room and my favorite is the king room with the bunk beds in a room off to the side of the room. For the price you're paying, it is a decent place to stay. If you're spending $38-100 a night and expecting a 5 star hotel, then that's your own delusional thinking.

While the rooms are not the best out there, the pools, restaurant & ice cream shoppe make up for it. The pools are large. They don't have slides, but there is a ping pong table and a pool table at poolside for activities. Plenty of lounge chairs. A nice bar/restaurant only steps from the pool area. They also have a restaurant inside, but I have never been there as International Drive has plenty of restaurants to choose from.

This hotel is located in a very busy part of International Drive. You are close to everything...Sea World, Aquatica, Universal, Wet n Wild, tonssssss of shopping & restaurants. Disney is a little further, but not bad. I don't know if this hotel offers shuttles to any of the parks as when I stay here, it's to rest & relax poolside.

I just recently discovered this message board & after seeing how cheap hotels are through Priceline, I am glad I found it. I usually pay $75 with a Fl Resident discount, but recently got this property for $30 a night. Wellllll worth it!!

So to sum it up...if you are a casual easy-going person looking for a decent place to stay that has good size pools & located close to everything...this is your place.

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