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3rd person in a room?

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By chen,

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My friend just booked us a room through hotwire. Due to an error in communication between us, he only got 1 room for 4 of us. My friend called the hotel and they said that we're booked for 1 queen bed. As a result, we would like to have 4 people total stay in the room. One guy doesn't mind sleeping on the floor and the other guy wants a cot.

I haven't mentioned this to the hotel yet and I was wondering if anyone has had problems or can give some advice as to cost, etc. My biggest fear is that we'll get to the hotel and they'll say, "No, only two people!"

Let me know!



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Although you're only guaranteed accomodations for 2 people, just call up the hotel and request a room with 2 beds (and throw in a smoking/non-smoking request as well). Unless the hotel is sold out or it's EXTREMELY busy, i'm confident your request will be honored.

Would also be a smart idea to behave yourselves at check-in (always a good policy). An even better idea would be to have 2 of you go to the counter at check-in, get your keys, go out to the car, re-enter the hotel 2-3 minutes apart in pairs... all of this is assuming you don't want to try for another room (which could always be at a different hotel).

Please post your winning hotel results in the appropriate state category so that others can benefit from the "known hotel" down the road. It also may be in an area where you'd have a high probability of getting another room, via Hotwire or Priceine, at the same hotel, but we can't help if we don't know the hotel info or know for how many days your accomodations are for.

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There are some situations and hotels where the 2-person rule is absolutely enforced. It is most common in boutique-type hotels (though not necessarily the "boutiqe" category) in places like San Francisco and New York. These hotels tend to be older, often historic, and they assign their Priceline/Hotwire customers to rooms which truly only have room for one queen size bed, no possibility of any other bidding option.

Definitely call the hotel and request 2 beds. It's usually able to be accommodated. But be aware when you're selecting your hotel that in some areas it may not be possible.

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