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We are a party of 3, parents and our son.  We will be in NY and would like to stay midtown ideally check in 19 September check out 23 September.  We hoped to stay in 4 star or above hotel/apartment.  Price per night budget between $150 - $180 including taxes and charges.  Is that possible?  Thanks for your help and advice.

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Welcome to BetterBidding!


My initial thought (without searching) is that your budget is not likely realistic, as this is the start of high-season for NYC, as well as the fact that you're searching for triple occupancy (which in NYC often increases the price since the majority of hotels have a high percentage of rooms with only one bed and they therefore consider rooms with 2 beds to be 'upgrades' from standards).  You may be able to get 'close' to your budget before taxes/fees, but with NYC taxes being high, and more and more hotels now charging resort fees, $180 may be difficult on an all-in basis.


If you let us know the age of your son (is he a 'child' and under 18 years old or is he too an adult) we will have a closer look and highlight your best options.

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He is 16 so does qualify as a child still.  We could split our across 2 hotels if that might help stretch our budget.  

Plus we would definitely stay in other areas in Manhattan.  

My husband needs to go to meetings on the afternoon of the 19th and on the 20th September on 6th Avenue right across from the Warwick hotel.  So ideally we would be near that location on the 19th and 20th.  For the 21st and 22nd we would be much more flexible with location.


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You're going to need more flexibility as $180 all-in just insn't realistic at current prices... so something is going to have to 'give' in regards to star rating, location, or budget.


In about 5 minutes i can teach you to be an expert searcher and you'll see the battle (ie- prices) that you're up against...

Using our BiddingHelper.com tool enter your search parameters (being sure to include 2adults/1child) and in the HOTWIRE EASY VIEW tab:

1) on the left side scroll to the star ratings and select only 4* and higher (if you're on a desktop just hover over the '4 stars' and you'll see a link 'and higher' which will select everything 4* and higher and UNselect anything less than 4 stars)

2) scroll to the top of the search results where it says: Sort by Zone | Star rating | Price

--> click PRICE which will now sort all of the 4* and higher rated hotels by price

3) now start at the top of the listings and scroll until you start to see zones that are within Manhattan


... and give yourself a pat on the back, you're now an expert searcher :smile:


The least expensive hotel within Manhattan would be this one:

4* HOTWIRE Madison Square Garden for $191.00
Pet Friendly
Smoke Free
Hi-Speed Internet
Blind Accessible
Deaf Accessible

While i do have a guess for the hotel above, that's not the point at the moment, the point is that by the time you add in taxes, fees, and the resort fee that this hotel charges (which is doing it's job of making the hotel look artificially cheaper than it really is) you're looking at nearly $290/nite.


You can repeat the steps above to look at different date combinations and you may find a slight improvement, but you're not going to find anything that brings you down to the $180 all-in level... which brings us back to something is going to have to 'give'; so in regards to budget, location, star rating, quality... which are you more firm on and which do you have more flexibility?


Of course if you find some date/price combination that we missed (or didn't appear earlier) we'd be happy to have a look and research/identify the hotel(s), but at the moment it looks like you're going to need to compromise in one or more aspects of your original criteria.


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Let us know your thoughts and how you'd like to proceed and we'll take it from there.

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