Priceline Hotel: 4* San Francisco (South of Market - Moscone Center) Marriott San Francisco Marquis

By travelAlot,

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Hi there, I'm looking at these dates and this Zone based on a $125 rate for a 4-star hotel, which is fantastic for that holiday weekend. It does not show a resort fee the payment screen.


But the challenge is how Priceline selectively displays Resort Fees on its opaque express deals. I've even gotten them to admit it's a crapshoot and that they do not fully disclose it on all deals. Because technically the fine print says you're responsible for it even if they don't show it. Insanity.


My challenge is this, the listing shows free internet, non-smoking, gym/spa, restaurant, business center.


The percentage-off metrics align to it being the Marriott Marquis. However, Hotel Zelos - which has exorbitant resort fees - is the other possibility. Adding to the challenge is that both currently have cheapest rate with a king bed, and the express deals listing does not specify bed type (moot even if it did because of both hotels' inventory).


Thoughts or anything that I am missing? I'm usually pretty analytical and can make a definitive decision. The extra $130 or more for the resort fee would really kill the value of the deal as I have a nearby decent budget hotel as a backup.


Thank you in advance and of course I would book through your PRICELINE links.

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For this hotel offer:


4* South of Market - Moscone Center (<-- CLICK HERE and confirm your dates on the landing page) for $125/nite with:
Business Center
Free Internet
Fitness Center
Free Internet in public areas
==> San Francisco Marriott Marquis is my best guess for this one (and i'm doubtful it's the Hotel Zelos)


Thanks for using the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board.


Let us know what you decide and how it goes or how we can be of further help.

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Hi there, Thanks so much for your feedback and guidance as always, it is very much appreciated.


FYI that I did a deeper dive last night and determined that the other 4-star properties (including Zelos) allow pets as stated amenity and Marriott Marquis does not.  In addition, the other possible hotels with common amenities do not have Business Centers as amenities (Park Central does but did not align to other common amenities).


So I did take a gulp of faith -- PL outrageously admitted to me in a social media DM that it sometimes does not disclose resort fees and it is tough luck for its customer if he-she gets stuck with it (unlike Hotwire which always discloses the fee).  I've had the same situation pop up during NYC hotel research on Express deals, where the likely hotel(s) absolutely had $25-40/day resort fees that were not disclosed in the total Express price breakdown.


In the end, Express Deals did end up being the Marriott Marquis thankfully - for $80 total more, a 4-star hotel with king bed vs. 2.5-star with double bed and no a/c as i had originally in place (The Mosser is actually a great property, well run, convenient and relatively comfy as long as private bathroom).


The bad news and I apologize in advance as I religiously book via your links - I had a 10% promo code from a NYOP past stay (incredulously, some are valid only 2 days) that was expiring today and valid only on PL's app.  So there was no way to link from BB to get the full discount.  Promise the next times I will as I always do if bookable on the main website via your link. 


Thanks again and have a great day.

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Congratulations on your success!

Glad to see you received the hotel you were hoping for and that you're pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for sharing your win with the board.

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Have a great trip and enjoy your stay.

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