4* Munich (Airport) Sheraton Munich Airport Hotel

By Romelle,

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While I admit I'd been hoping for one of the hotels right at the airport, this Priceline Express deal turned out well for me.


After wandering the MUC airport for a bit, I had sense enough to ask the Information desk.  For shuttle service to the Sheraton I was directed (and pointed) in English "outside to area 6".  Right out the door I spotted a big number "6" easily.  Several different shuttles stopped there, but there was posted information that the Sheraton would be served by a shuttle also serving an NH and a Holiday Inn.  Every 1/2 hour.  The shuttle arriving was also clearly marked to this effect.  I'd been told the shuttle fee was 5 Euro.  I could see a public bus #512 about 100 feet away, but was curious as to just how the shuttle worked so waited for that.  The driver had me sign my name and check which hotel on a clipboard.  I offered the 5 Euro, but he didn't accept it.  


The smooth ride was about 20 minutes, but through a pretty spring green countryside dotted with yellows, whites, pinks and lavenders of blooming trees, flowers, shrubs and crops.  


The hotel check-in process was friendly, smooth and quick.  In comfortable English.  Just a comment that I was prepaid.  I did forget to ask about internet, but a quick trip back later got me the necessary access code and password.  Internet worked well.


The room was spacious, spotlessly clean and nicely furnished.  Additional table and two easy chairs as well as a desk and big dresser.  A bathtub and very nice toiletries.  


The queen bed was soft (my preference) with 4 big pillows.  The room very quiet.


Attractive warm gold, brown and similar color scheme.  A view from the 3rd floor window over clay roof tops to green fields and blooming apple trees.  


Outside the hotel was a nice seating area called a beer garden.  


Next morning at checkout, I asked about the shuttle.  I was told it would cost the 5 Euro.  I paid up and was given a little plastic card to give to the driver.  I was never actually charged for the ride to the hotel.  The every 1/2 hour (on the hour and the half) shuttle showed up exactly on time.  The public bus #512 was, according to www.rome2rio.com, 79' away but I was weary after a busy 3 week trip and didn't opt to check it out.  


I didn't explore around the area.  It looked like it might be in a small village, and there may have been some shops and restaurants.  


This was a lovely hotel and I spend a comfortable and pleasant evening and night.



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