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Priceline Hotel: 3* Mahwah - Nanuet (Mahwah - Ramsey - Allendale) Doubletree Hotel Mahwah

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By tico,

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was pleased with result as I have stayed at this hotel through priceline before and remember that they also served free breakfast.  BUT...


during bidding process, i'm fairly certain that I started with 3.5* as I start with higher rating and also wanted the free breakfast for this category that was included as one of the ammenities.  if I don't get, then I go down the star rating if rejected. also, I remember staying there  before and getting it as 3.5* with breakfast AND others posted this hotel as 3.5*. 


when I went to hotel, ate breakfast, hotel charged me for the breakfast.  they said it was not included....


I called priceline to let them know that it was billed to me and that it was not included as amenity, I questioned it saying it was part of the description before I bid on the 3.5*.  they told me that I was wrong and that this hotel was 3* to them so would not include breakfast.  I told them that I was certain I bid on 3.5 with breakfast but they told me to look at my contract and there I could see that double tree was shown as 3*.


I questioned that maybe there is problem with priceline system where before bidding, I put in 3.5* but outcome gave me 3*. they don't think that's the case.  I may have made mistake and clicked 3* like they said but I highly doubt it.  I usually start with higher rating and work star rating down. and I also checked the forum before bidding and saw double tree....I don't think they would want to acknowledge this if it's true... but  really think that something went wrong in priceline system and it was not my error.


called customer service and told me to talk to customer care team.  they did not do anything regarding breakfast reimbursement and explaining to me why the double tree is now listed as 3* where as all the other websites has it as 3.5* and also, past winnings on priceline was 3.5*....


i asked to escalate and they told me to write them a letter if i wanted to pursue further...


i'm not really concerned about the breakfast cost but was upset at the way they handled my claim....


any thoughts? suggestions? did this happen to anyone else?





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Please follow-up your previous Hotwire Seoul thread with whatever you ended up doing for that trip, and try to post your wins/decisions as you receive them so that the information can help others in a timely manner.

As far as your stay above currently on the PRICELINE bidding page Free Breakfast is not listed as an amenity for either the 3.5* nor the 3* level. As well, breakfast is not typically included at Doubletree properties so i wouldn't expect it to be included at this location either.

It's not difficult to make a mistake when bidding on PRICELINE (usually selecting a wrong zone or star rating), at this point nobody can say what transpired during your own purchase, but their system is entirely automated so 99.9% of the time it's user error.

Other than the charge for breakfast... hope you enjoyed your stay.

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