Hotwire Hotel: 2.5* Ft. Mitchell-Holiday Inn

By fuzzman99,

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Hotel Details

Holiday Inn FT. Mitchell/I75/Greater Cincinnati (Value)

2100 Dixie Hwy.

Covington, KY 41011

(859) 331-1500

Check-in: Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 4:00 PM

Check-out: Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 11:00 AM

Billing Details

No. Rooms: 1

No. Nights: 1

Price Per Night: $35.00

Subtotal: $35.00

Taxes / Booking Fees: $10.95

Total Price: $45.95 Rates are priced in U.S. dollars.

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It is in the Ft. Mitchell - Ft. Wright Hotwire zone just SW of DT Cincinnati. :)

Cincinnati, OH

"Ft. Mitchell - Ft. Wright

This suburban area of residential neighborhoods and office parks is located on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, about five miles from both downtown Cincinnati and the airport. Check out the Vent Haven Museum, dedicated to the art of ventriloquism and featuring more than 500 dummies. Visit Fort Mitchell's American Museum of Brewing History, at the Oldenburg Estate, containing the world's largest collection of beer memorabilia. Shop at the 130-store Florence Mall -- the largest in Kentucky. Place your bets at nearby Turfway Park, the region's Mecca of thoroughbred horse racing. Catch NASCAR action down the road in Sparta at the Kentucky Speedway. It's less than a 30-minute drive to Indiana's Argosy Casino and Perfect North Slopes, a small ski area. Drive across the Roebling Suspension Bridge to downtown Cincinnati attractions.

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Thanks, but this example brings up a good point (either Hotwire's drop-down menu isn't a good system ORi'm not too bright :) )

The whole time i searched for this zone i was looking under the "F's" in Hotwire's hotel drop-down list, more specifically the "Fort ____", but didn't see either of the above. The only way to find this area, is by looking under Cinicinnati, OHIO... not exactly intuitive if you're not that familiar with the area!

Howire should either make their list more complete (so that the drop-down list includes 'sub-zones' as well) or go to a system where the user types the city and/or state they want.

Thanks for the help BT.

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Maybe Priceline and Hotwire will revive geography education in the US :)

With the money i've saved using Priceline, it would certainly be more worthwhile than some of the other things i learned in school!

As an example of the Priceline/Hotwire Zones, with Hotwire, there was no way to find Fort Mitchel using their drop down menu, so as a user of Hotwire i might think that they don't offer any hotels in that area and then look elsewhere.

With Priceline, if i put "Fort Mitchel, KY" in the search box, it would tell me, "Fort Mitchel is located within the Cincinnati area..." OR "We don't offer any hotels in the Fort Mitchel area, but we do offer hotels in the nearby zones listed below, please select a zone..."

At least with Priceline they prompt you with the nearby area and show alternative zones that you may not have considered, while Hotwire leaves you in the dark if you can't get past the drop down menu list.

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