Priceline Hotel: 4* Houston (Downtown) Hyatt Regency Houston

By bordy,

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5/10 - 5/12 @ $60/night

Very happy with the price for a Hyatt property, but upon further research I keep seeing alot of commnents on various websites about the parking situation. Based on what I have read the hotel valet is $30/day with in and out privilages (not counting tip). The adjacent parking garages are less (approx. $20 per day) but without in and out privileges. As we will be doing some traveling to dinner in the evenings and shopping at the galleria, I am thinking in and out privilages will be a must. Any parking recommendations or advice will be appreciated.

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Congratulations on your success!

Looks like a nice deal for a 4* Downtown hotel, hope you're happy with the results and looking forward to your trip.

Thank you for sharing your win with the board.

I don't have first hand knowledge of this area so i can't comment on any of the alternate garages, but i think you need to find out the going hourly and/or overnite rate in the area at the non-hotel garages and decide where to park based upon the next 'segment' that you'll need. For instance some garages that cater to local business workers may have a deeply discounted overnite rate of $10... if you're arriving late at nite and have plans for early the next morning (OR are willing to wake up early and move your car) then it may be worth it to park that 'segment' in the private garage... if it's early in the day and you know that you have a few trips to/from the hotel and then going out for dinner later that nite, for that segment the higher price and in/out privileges will likely save you money.

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Enjoy your stay.

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Thank you for the quick response and advice regarding parking. And just to remove any uncertainty, I did utilize the BiddingHelper.com link when booking my room through PRICELINE.

THANKS!! and we're glad to hear you find the site useful and that it has helped you save some money.

Enjoy your upcoming stay.

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This is very upsetting for anyone as it negates any savings from using Priceline. However, Houston is notorious for their parking situation in and around the Downtown area. Try this, go have a drink inside the Shula's restaurant inside the Hyatt before you head out for he evening , ask them to validate your parking ticket, this will let you leave for dinner, theater etc...Then when you come back, park in a 20.00 lot. I know this area quite well and can tell you if you are willing to walk a few blocks there is overnight parking for 10.00. This needs exact amount as you will need to put the cash inside a slot with the number of the parking space you use. DO NOT keep valuables inside or within sight of your vehicle and don't forget to lock it.

Hope this helps...good luck

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This is true; however, if you are on a budget and booking a hotel through Priceline; then finding out later the hotel you won has a steep parking fee, this can be quite a surprise. Some just can’t afford it. When parking fees are added to the amount of the Priceline booking many times it is the same as paying the full rack rate at the hotel. . Well hidden parking fees among other fees can be devastating for those who can’t afford it. The very reason to use Priceline is to save on a hotel stay, true both full price and discounted have to pay the parking fee, but I believe for those who didn’t use Priceline the cost for parking would not much of an issue as it would be for those who do use Priceline...I could be wrong but that’s how I feel when I’m slapped with a unknown 45 dollar a day parking fee...it just cuts into your potential savings on the room.

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I travel to Dallas for work alot and often stay at the Hyatt. It is right by the DART line/rain and you can take the DART anywhe3re in downtown, uptown, even DFW airport for about $3. Park at a cheap surface lot and hop on the Dart. The hotel is very clean, very modern decor and excellent service.

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