Priceline Hotel: 5* Barcelona (La Rambla - La Barceloneta) Renaissance Barcelona Hotel

By MadFlyer,

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Congratulations. We just booked your stay at the Renaissance Barcelona Hotel for just US$132 a night.

Ramblas North , 2 nights to guarantee very early arrival on 20th.

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel 5 star

Las Ramblas North

Pau Claris 122

Barcelona, Spain

Room Subtotal: US$264.00

Taxes & Fees: US$40.36

Total Charged to Card: US$304.36

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Congratulations on your success!

Looks like you're on a streak of Marriott branded properties! :lol:

Hope this property will work well for your plans for this trip.

Thank you for sharing your win with the board.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

Enjoy your stay.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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This is a follow-up post. This reservation was not honored and the guest was sent to a hotel very far away from the center of Barcelona at the AC Hotel Barcelona Forum. The other hotel was paid and a cash refund was given directly in hand in Euro. I think many travelers would just accept this and they must know that. The taxi driver used for transfer said this is a frequent situation at many chain hotels in Barcelona as they overbook their top hotels and then send guests to their lesser properties. He specifically added the Hilton as a big offender of this practice for future reference.

This was a unique booking as it was post cruise. I wanted a room for very early arrival and booked the night before in the name of a friend for 2 nights. The room was booked for double occupancy.

When he arrived for check in at 8 pm on Friday the 19th of April he was told that the hotel was overbooked and he would be sent to another hotel. When requesting a stay in the same area at another chain, he was told there were no hotels available in the entire center of Barcelona. This was proven imediately to not be the case, with almost every 5 star hotel coming up when an imediate internet check was done on his mobile connection in the lobby. They still refused and called and paid a taxi.

I arrived at the hotel at 8 am to get a copy of the key as my name was on file and to their suprise I presented my elite member card from Marriott. I had called the hotel and had said we planned to pay the 60 euro executive upgrade and gave them my elite number to have on file. This was necessary to get a room with 2 beds. It appears that there was no record of this put in the reservation. I have had 16 Priceline Marriott stays so far this year and they are starting to count the nights toward status now, but not always. I have had several business trips with Marriott as well.

Upon my arrival, I demanded to speak with the Duty Manager of the hotel. She was not available and was only available when I went to the desk again 2 hours later. I asked her to call the Renaissance and inform of my plan to come and talk with their Manager on Duty. I asked for a copy of the voucher sent with my friend, but only an email was produced.

I had told the security guard that I was there to see this manager and no offer was given to call him for me. I waited 20 minutes in line at the reception and to my surprise the Duty Manager I was there to see was the receptionist I got when I finished waiting. Why the guy did not tell me that was him I found odd.

I asked him to be taken asside as I did not want to cause problems and most of the others in line were from the ship I had been on and I did not want further embarasement. Several checking in ahead of me had used Marriott Rewards points, as I overheard.

They had already arranged a hotel change and I was very happy with the new sollution. I do feel this solution was only made available to me due to my elite status with Marriott though and other travelers might want to be prepared and that is the intention of my post now. The Manager handled this situation very professionally and performed well under this difficult situation.

The problem is that this was not all settled until 2:30 pm. This also became a very negative comment on Priceline as the dinner conversation with a group of friends turned to how I had used a very cheap booking channel and that they were sure this happened due to using Priceine. Everyone was very frequent travelers and not Priceline users and I now doubt that they will ever use this service now. It did seem unusual to turn away a 2 night guest, to use a hotel only in the same chain even though many nearby available hotels and to send a 5 star guest to a 4 star hotel with no security safe.

I want to add that I have booked hundreds of Priceline hotels and this is the only major incident that I have had. That said, the Spanish Pricline number on my confirmation did not work and an email to priceline was not even acknowledged with an auto-reply nor with any assistance. I could not call the toll-free number of course from Spain.

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Mad flyer, I read this post and it really worried me because I had recently won the same hotel on Priceline. Unfortunately, I can report that this also happened to me today when I arrived to check in. They were also going to send me far out of town but I told them this was not acceptable and they booked us a hotel down the street ( after much protest on our part I might add).

I've never experienced such a thing in any of my previous PRICELINE bookings. when I asked her what "guaranteed reservation" meant to her hotel she didn't have a response.

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