Priceline Hotel: 3* Baltimore (Inner Harbor - Downtown) Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore

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(3+ stars / 2+ nites... expires 7/31/2019)


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Started yesterday and got up to $64 for 3.5* and 4* hotels. Ironically, I saw today that $65 may have been the magic number for 3.5* at Baltimore Marriott. I also saw a 3* Express deal for $58. Wondered if that might be the Hilton Garden Inn because of the strike-through price of $118. The parking rates at both of these were a little on the higher end so I still tried the 3* bids starting at $44 and knowing I'd probably get something before $58. Not loving the reviews I've seen on PL or TA but hopefully it'll be good enough for one night only and the parking is cheaper too. We'll see if I wished I spent $20 more! :)

Offer Price: $56.00

Rooms: 1

Nights: 1

Room Subtotal: $56.00

Taxes & Fees: $16.18

Total Charged to Card: $72.18

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Congrats on your success.

Good deal, and hope the property will exceed expectations.

Thank you for sharing your win and please use the site's PRICELINE or HOTWIRE links to start your purchases and searches.

Enjoy your stay.

EXCLUSIVELY at BetterBidding:
(click here) and use promo code: BB5JUL19
(3+ stars / 2+ nites... expires 7/31/2019)

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Hope so. The reviews on Yelp are just as bad, if not worse. Not sure this place qualifies as a 3* PL hotel frankly. And I am not one who is usually picky at all. Booked many 3* rooms and always been pleased. Never saw one that seemed to have this much over-whelming negativity in the reviews (compared to the outlier negative comments you'll almost always find).

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