Priceline Hotel: NYC 8/21-8/25

By chasman,

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Hey thereuare -

Apologies in advance, if I did not post this in the right spot (ie perhaps I should have started a new thread).

Was interested in your take on WHEN the best time to bid on NYC 4* hotels is. I believe Las Vegas hotel PL prices can drop the most about 7 days before one's trip, but was wondering if the same applies to NYC hotels.

I am in NYC for 4 nights beginning on 21 Aug and wanted to know when you would recommend I start bidding.

$110 for a 4* in NYC is a great deal and would like to get something like that. However, at the same time, do not want to cut it too close and not be able to find anything.


PS Last time in NYC I got the Crowne Plaze for about $190/night. I guess it's impossible to predict availability due to demand and, thus, getting a great deal is a lot of luck (eg that no major convention is in town, etc.)

PPS Love the new MAPS feature. Would also be cool to be able to see a list of, say, all 4* hotels in a particular city won in the past 6 months or so, to get a feel for what a good, great and lousy deal is based on historical winning bids. Keep up the good work!

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I would start bidding now... if you let us know your maximum bid and the star rating you're going for we'll suggest a strategy to try.

Regarding the MAPS, the '6 months' info you're looking for is the basis for the board itself... you can always use the SEARCH feature to only find wins for a particular city/location.

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