Priceline Hotel: Help near downtown Pittsburgh, PA

By profoster,

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Anybody know whats causing all the rooms in Pittsburgh to be booked June 22 and 23? I would entertain some help finding something nice near there since it doesn't appear there is anything downtown like I had hoped. I am bringing my wife there for our anniversary and to attend the Tiger-Pirates game(s). Thanks in advance for your help.

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Happy Anniversary! :)

Not sure what's causing rates to ramp, but I'd guess some sort of convention.

What would be your desired budget per night/star rating, and are you driving? How far away from the downtown area would be acceptable.

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I would be willing to spend up to $125-$135 for Saturday June 23rd. (I have gotten some nice hotels for $65ish before, but it seems unlikely this weekend) I haven't tried to bid yet, but would prefer to be downtown. Been calling hotels and checking hotels online to formulate a solid bidding price. All quotes over $200 so far.

Friday June 22nd is less important since we will be getting in about 8:30pm. Anywhere within 10 to 15 miles is acceptable and we will drive into the city early.

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I believe the NHL draft is taking place in Pittsburgh this weekend so that may be (at least one) factor effecting hotel rates.

Did you want to only bid for June 23rd and take care of the 22nd separately OR start by trying for both nites together? What is your maximum bid and minimum star rating? If you're desired star rating is less than 4* are you willing to pay more for a higher rated hotel OR is your goal the least expensive hotel at the minimum star rating you designate?

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