Hotwire Hotel: 3.5* Windsor Holiday Inn Select Ambassador Bridge

By akhon,

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Hi all,

Need a room in Windsor, Ontario for 2 nights (7/22 to 7/24). Checked Hotwire and a 3.5 star (which I'm quite certain is the Hilton) is coming up $55. I know Priceline usually has better rates - so I'm thinking of trying PL first. Any suggestion on what I might want starting bidding at (PL only has up to 3* in Windsor - and I know that may not be a Hilton). I also don't want to go below 2.5* and since PL only has 1 area in Windsor and also the time limit I don't have too many chances.

Any help is appreciated. :)


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If you've never used Hotwire you're eligbile for their $10 off per nite coupon code (up to $50) 'giftcard06' which would bring your rate down to $45, if that's the case i would try bidding $35 or $40 on Priceline.

If you're not eligible for the above discount, i would bid $40 or $45.

You can choose between the two prices mentioned in each scenario by knowing your own personality... would you be more upset knowing that you paid a few dollars more than you needed to OR more upset knowing that you missed 'winning' by a few dollars and therefore had to pay more than you needed.

The above is at the 3* level... wasn't sure if you were willing to drop to 2.5* or not (for 2.5* i think i would bid $35).

Let us know what you decide to do and how it goes, or if we can be of further help.

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Just a followup...

Tried Priceline for 3* in the Windsor zone at US$40 and was rejected. Received a counter-offer of US$52. I didn't want to pay US$52 (since Hotwire has a 3* for US$54 and I can get $20 off with the 'giftcard06' promo) and didn't want to go down to a 2.5*, so I gave up on PL and went with Hotwire instead (which I will also post separately in the Hotwire forum).

Used the 'giftcard06' as thereuare suggested for the 3* on Hotwire, which was showing at US$54. Total after $20 off came to US$106.95, which effectively trnaslates to US$44 a night if you take out the fees. The only thing is I thought I was going to get the Hilton downtown as I had booked a 3.5* last year and it was the Hilton. It turned out to be the Holiday Inn Select on Huron Church road, which is a bit out of the way. I am going to a Tigers game and was going to take the Windsor bus there, so Hilton would have been perfect since it's right downtown. Oh well. You live and learn. At least parking is free at the hotel. HaHa.

Speaking of which, does anyone know if I am better off driving to the game or just take the bus? I'm just going to have an early dinner in Detroit and go the game then back to Windsor.

Thanks again.


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Used 'giftcard06' promo for $20 off. Total came to $106.95 with taxes, translating to $44 a night.

Holiday Inn Select Windsor (Ambassador Bridge)

1855 Huron Church Road


Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, High Speed Internet, Golf, Tennis, Business, Laundry.

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Thank you for sharing your results with the board.

As you've learned, it's important to match the hotel's amenities with what you're shown, not just the star rating. Doesn't guarantee success, but in this instance the Holdiay Inn Select's amenities are slightly different than the Hilton's, so it could have been a good tip-off.

Enjoy your stay and the game.

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