Priceline Hotel: 4* Seattle (Downtown - Pike Place) Sheraton Seattle

By cvgayle,

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I have the other nights in place for our July Seattle trip using pts./free stays and only needed to pay full price for one night, 7/5. I decided to be a little more aggressive with my bidding since I presume the holiday period around 7/4 through the weekend will be busy.

I used the PRICELINE link to start my bidding. I bid $105.00/4* Seattle Downtown - Pike Place, then $115.00/4* Seattle Airport (SEA), then $120.00/4* Bellevue. $120.00 bid accepted for the Sheraton Seattle (Downtown - Pike Place)...happy with that! Not my favorite Seattle hotel, but fine for the last night of our stay. I believe we have stayed in over fifteen Seattle hotels over the years...we're making the rounds. :)

Room Subtotal: $120.00

Taxes & Fees: $26.75

Total Charged to Card: $146.75

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Congratulations on your success!

While perhaps not your favorite hotel in the city, glad to see you find this to be a good value for this nite during the summer season and are overall pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for sharing your win and using the PRICELINE links on the board to begin your bidding.

Enjoy this leg of your stay.

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