Hotwire Hotel: Resort Maui (Kaanapali-Lahaina) Hyatt Regency

By gmarie,

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Hi, for 1 night, 6/29 ck-out 6/30 I'm getting the this 4 1/2* for $208 with the following amenities:

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Selected amenities include: Resort, Beachfront, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, Children's Activity Program, Golf Nearby.

I figured it probably isn't the Hyatt because self-serve laundry wasn't listed. I didn't realize this, but the problem is that Expedia lists that there are 2 Westin Maui's:

1) North Kaanapali, The "Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort" $600


2)South Kaanapali, "Maui Westin Resort and Spa" - $489

I'm thinking and hoping that it is the 2nd one, since Expedia prices it lower, but would like 2nd opinions. Couldn't find a distinction in relevant Westin posts either.

Any help appreciated...thanks!

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The $600 option is the Westin time share. I have never seen a win reported for the time share,just the Westin resort. I think the hotel your seeing is the Hyatt on Hotwire.

I also think you can get it cheaper on PL.

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thanks for the info. I thought, regardless, with a 4 1/2* and if I use the $30 ET book rebate, plus the giftcode coupon (if that's working still)...it would come out to be cheaper than priceline. But I'll see what the winning bids have been lately for that region. Another reason I thought it was Westin was because a customer comment said something about the "bed was most comfortable ever slept in" ...maybe heavenly bed?? lol

*EDIT*well I just double checked on Hotwire packages and something I didn't notice before was that they all have self-serve laundry in packages but not in the hotel only section. Also Hyatt is listed but Westins aren't... So I guess that's not an accurate way to identify...I guess this is the Hyatt. The price went down to $199 but Hyatt some recent reviews have been questionable for all those $$$. Staying in a condo for the rest of the time so we may skip the *splurge*. If it's $199 on Hotwire, how much do you think it may go for on Priceline?


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I don't believe the above hotel is the Hyatt... i think it is the Westin.

As per HOTWIRE AMENITIES, you're not seeing the full list of amenties on the 'splash' page. If you do another hotel search click on "View Complete Amenity List and Descriptiion" and you will see the full list of amenity icons.

If we're seeing the same hotel on our searches, looking at the 'full list' gives you a match for the Westin.

Let us know if you have any questions and how it goes.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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I agree what I saw originally was probably the Westin. Now they've changed it...only 4 1/2* showing up is $90 more and has the laundry icon, probably the Hyatt. It's a fun guessing game and certainly not fooproof but I'm hoping for the Westin so I think I'll hold off to see what changes. Maybe I should try on a different PC?

If / when I do decide to make a move, just want to reconfirm what the steps are for Savingsbarn link when I want to use the hotwire rebate. Do I just click link on Savingsbarn first then open a new window and go to the rebate address?


*edit* Okay..found the answer to the above in the hotwire coupon thread.

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