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LAS Las Vegas Compact Hertz

By kamio,

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First off, I used the Betterbidding PRICELINE link provided to both try and successfully book. I fully support keeping this site running and free! I even broke down and registered just so I could share my results.

I've been trying for the past couple of days. I couldn't for the life of me get an Economy car in Vegas. I tried $11, $12 and $13 all for Economy to be rejected... which makes me think LAS doesn't do Economy. Anyone have any feedback on that?

Ok... on to the good stuff...

Your Offer Price: $14.00 (per day)

Total Rental Days: 7 days(6 days and 23 1/2 hours)

Subtotal: $98.00

Taxes and Fees: $83.85

Total Charges: $181.85

Lowest Published Price: $297.56

Total Savings:* $115.71 (You saved 39%)

I did Priceline for LAS about two years ago (about the same time of year), before I found out about this site and got an compact for the same rate, $14 a day, from the same company, Hertz, but the taxes/fees were about $63.48 instead of $83.85... I did read the terms that said something about Priceline charging what it thinks taxes will be and pockets the difference. (hence the "fees" statement).

I also screwed up, because I had bonus bucks for Compact that I didn't use. I was trying Economy tonight and used $13 , only to be rejected. It gave the option to retry at a higher class. I thought what the heck, I'll try $14 for compact and got accepted. I should of went out and retried through the bonus bucks screen.. would of saved like $12 over all, which would of put me at 57% savings, so oh well :)

Hope this all helps someone else... don't forget to use your bonus bucks if you have 'em.

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Congratulations on your success!

Even if you could have saved an extra $12, this is still a very nice deal and savings for this rental. The difference in the 'taxes and fees' for this rental may only be minimally the result of PRICELINE collecting a higher fee, there is good chance that taxes have increased at the airport as the rental companies are always an easy target for additional tax revenue to help fund capital improvements at the airport (and easy to get voters to pass the taxes since 1) it helps keep their own taxes down and 2) most never rent a car for their local airport so therefore it's a tax on 'the other guy')

Thank you for sharing your win and using the PRICELINE links on the board to begin your bidding.

Have a great trip!

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