Priceline Hotel: Failed bids Seattle 4* sept 23-2011 1 nite

By Malcolmsuperstar,

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its June 7th 2011, i tried at 10pm to bid for Seattle downtown (Pike place area)

these bids are for September 23rd 2011.

i tried $75 not accepted for Seattle downtown

i tried $85 not accepted while adding (Brothel) since no 4 star

I tried $96 not accepted (Union Lake) since there's no 4 star hotel in that area,, gives me another free bid.

i feel for September,, no 4 star hotel like the Westin and Sheraton deserves anything over $85 a night. last minute for the Westin usually goes from as low $65 and around $75 which i won a few times every fall. will try again next month. I did use the PRICELINE link on this betterbidding.com website.

Hotel is for us to stay the night before catching a one night Princess cruise for Vancouver

lots of sales this weekend. yahoo!!

Jacqui and Steve ya bidding?

thanx betterbidding until next time.

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I'm looking for one night hotel stay, September 17th, downtown before taking Amtrak to Vancouver to catch a Princess cruise back to LA. Please continue to post your bidding failures/success and I'll do the same. Good Luck!

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Thanks for sharing your failed bid hisotry with the board. Your stay is still near 'peak summer season' for Seattle but hopefully rates will drop between now and then, although i don't think you're too far off at the moment... i'd guess currently you're probably looking at ~$110-$130 for a 4* Downtown hotel.

Thanks for using the PRICELINE links on the board for your bidding (it's apprecaited)


Although your stay is only one week apart from Malcolmsuperstar's, it's possible that rates could be quite different... feel free to start a NEW TOPIC if you'd like help with your own stay (which will also give you a place to report your win and allow others to follow the progress for your stay, just as your using this thread to follow Malcolmsuperstar's progress)

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