Priceline Hotel: 4* Houston (Downtown) Hilton Americas

By wrmatl,

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Do you have any suggestions on bidding for a four * Houston hotel in the downtown area for June 1. I would love to get Hyatt Regency via Priceline since it is very close to where I want to be. I also noticed that Hotwire has a deal for 4.5 star with amenities of Restaurant and Internet and 90% approval rating for $92. Any idea on what hotel that might be?

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Good afternoon.

There is no way to guarantee a particular property or increase the odds of a particular property when bidding via PRICELINE. A 4.5* in the downtown zone w/this amenity set matches the amenity set previously seen with the Hotel Icon. If you would like to use PRICELINE, would you be willing to stay anywhere within the zone?

Thank you for using the site's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links to start your purchases and searches.

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I would like to stay at or near the Hyatt Regency but I see that Priceline 4* hotels can be a good distance away within the same Downtown zone. However, I am willing to take the chance and potentially getting a hotel further away in this zone. I will just catch a cab or hit the tunnels and walk.

So far I have tried up to $72 but the bid has not been accepted.

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Looks like time not on my side here. Hotwire increased Hotel Icon by $10 so my bidding on Priceline will be tougher. But before I start again with Priceline bidding, do you have any thoughts on other Hotwire hotel for 106 with 95% approval and




Business center



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I bid 75 and was excepted - Hilton Americas. While I probably should have started the bid process again given the gap in time since my last bid, this will work for my one night in Houston and it is a much better price than Hotwire for same property.

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