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By arkestra,

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i was looking into hotels in downtown montreal for a 3-night stay later this month. when i inquired for 1 room, one of the hotels that came up was a 3.5* with the following descrip: "Restaurant(s), Fitness Center, Business Center" and with a notation that it was a customer favorite. the rate was $78. from posts on this forum, i concluded this was the hyatt (which appears to be viewed quite favorably). when i conducted the same search with one change -- 2 rooms instead of 1 -- a 3.5* hotel came up at the same rate, but the descrip. was different: "Restaurant(s), Fitness Center." also, it did not have the customer favorite notation. i'm assuming this is a different hotel and it's just a coincidence that both are 3.5 * and listed at the same price. or, is it possible that a hotel description would change depending on the number of rooms requested.

i also found it interesting that when i specified 2 rooms, quite a few more hotels came up than when i specified 1 room. i wonder why that would be. (could it have something to do with the fact that we are 4 people -- 2 adults and 2 children -- and some hotels may not offer a single room for 4 people?)

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You are correct, this is likely a different hotel. It is only recently that hotwire began to allow more than double occupancy and hotels need to 'sign-on' in order to change the terms of their existing contract (which was only for double occupancy). Some hotels haven't agreed to it, either because they don't want to accomodate those with more than double occupancy or they just haven't signed the updated agreement.

Let us know if we can be of more help and whatever you decide to do for this stay. Please begin your purchase using this HOTWIRE link should you choose to go with the above.

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