Priceline Hotel: 4* Providence (Downtown) Westin Providence

By Crispin,

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Started bidding at $50 for 4* two days ago and slowly raised my amount until I hit the Westin at $60.

I was really hoping for the Renaissance which I've stayed at before and love, but I guess cheapskates can't be chosers! :) Maybe if I'd waited closer to my dates I would've gotten it. The Westin isn't too shabby either, especially for $60 a night.

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An update on our stay...

We arrived at the Westin and without even asking were offered an upgrade to a corner King room - which we gladly accepted. However we learned the drawback to this when the next day we tried to extend our stay via Priceline. Maybe I don't understand the way this is supposed to work, but I *thought* the extend option was pretty much a sure thing, i.e. you pay the same price you paid for the previous nights. In any case, when I tried to extend the stay Priceline gave me a "we're sorry" message and indicated a room could not be found. My theory was that somehow the upgrade messed this up. Despite that snafu, I decided to just bid again in Providence and cross my fingers. Thankfully this worked and I "won" another night at the Westin for $70 this time. So in the end, I paid about $200 for three nights in a corner King at the Westin - not too bad!

Hope this is useful to someone. :)

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Please start by reading your messages.

I don't think the upgraded room had anything to do with you being unable to extend the stay...

The 'Extend Your Stay' option is not a sure thing, after all, when offered PRICELINE doesn't know if you would be looking to extend nites to the beginning or end of your stay, and rates for each can be very different. As well, rates can and do change often based upon hotel occupancy levels, and it's possible that when offered you would have been able to extend your stay, but occupancy levels (and rates) changed in the weeks since your original purchase.

Glad to see you received the same hotel when you tried bidding again.

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