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By realgem,

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Bid on Priceline for a 2.5* hotel, and won the Red Lion Inn. Not one of my better "wins" - can't believe it is 2.5* It is a large, rambling, two-level motel, probably built in the 1950s. It appears that Red Lion has tried to give the rooms a facelift, but they are still dreary. The bathroom was well appointed, but the lack of light has provided a cozy home for mildew in the shower. Towels and linens were good quality, and the pillow top mattress is probably quite new. The desk was well worn around the edges, the tv was older and boxy, but the coffee was good. I am thankful that we were not in the bank of rooms that runs adjacent to the freeway.

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Having discovered this section of the website, I can confirm that Realgem's assessment is still holding nearly 2 years later. I'm wrapping up my 1-night stay at the dreary Red Lion Hotel, which should be considered a 2-star motel. The area is the older part of Medford and it shows. There is new development across the freeway along Biddle Road (2 minutes away), near the airport (7 minutes away), and just south near Barnett Road (5 minutes).

The outside is much more dreary than the "renovated" room that I have scored for $44/night. Echoing Realgem, this is also not one of my better "wins" via Priceline.

The bed is still comfortable, the towels and linens are still good quality, and the desk and furniture is still well-worn at the edges. Television is still the old-school CRT type (19 inch, I believe). Parking is right outside your door of each 2-story building. My room faced the pool, which was quiet enough.

Shower temp can vacillate between warm and cold quickly and for no reason. I took a shower at 11 PM and the next morning at 730 AM. Both showers were like this, which can be annoying. Pressure is good, though.

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