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By gouldmanj,

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Hi - I'm traveling with my 9yo son to Chicago to visit a couple of museums. Looking for hotel for Thursday night 8/5 (maybe Wednesday too).

($100 - $125 budget range is what we are looking at now)

We are planning to go to the Museum of Science and Industry on Thursday and then to the Planetarium on Friday day and then we are staying overnight on Friday at the Field Natural History Museum.

Not too familiar with Chicago. Should we pay the premium and stay downtown or stay in a suburb (if suburb, hint of good suburb would be great).

Since we would probably drive to Science & Industry and we will be driving to Field Museum - not sure if we want to pay for parking at the hotel and then at the site too.

Any suggestions you have would be great.

Thank you,


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Good evening. :)

Please provide a follow-up with the date/s of travel in your prior Buffalo Priceline thread, then reply to this thread and I would be happy to discuss the options available for these dates (although these dates are on the expensive side downtown - the 'burbs would be a cheaper alternative.)

Hotel and city parking are expensive in the city (some hotels charge as much as $50 per night, but it's generally $35-45), but free at most suburban hotels.

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I'm seeing a 4* in the Loop area for 8/4-6 when searching for 2 adults/2 children with fitness, business, restaurant, internet and pool for $106. This would likely be the Palmer House. Unfortunately, it's not showing for 8/5 only - 8/5 is a particularly busy date due to Lollapalooza Music Festival going on in Grant Park on 8/6 & 7.

The burbs would be cheaper via HOTWIRE (especially 8/5 only) and especially via PRICELINE. The North burbs (such as Northbrook, Glenview, Skokie, Evanston and Deerfield) are very nice (and offer sights such as the Chicago Botanic Garden, Ravinia Music Festival and Wagner Farm. The Southwest Burbs (Oak Brook, Downers Grove, Lisle) are another fine option, as well.

Please let us know/confirm which dates you are interested in (8/4-6th or just the 5th) and if you would be interested in staying in the suburbs or would prefer trying for the city.

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I live in Chicago; I would highly recommend you stay in the loop, streeterville or magnificent mile area. The #10 CTA bus runs frequent routes (approx. every 20 mins) to the Museum of Science and Industry. There are also other routes that run the the museum campus (Field Museum, Adler, and Shedd).

Let us know what you decide to do.



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Posting MUCH later - almost a year. However, this is what we decided to do. We ended up staying at the Hyatt by O'Hare for one night and then the second night we discovered that the Natural History museum was doing a family overnight - so it was a double bonus of being able to squeeze in another museum visit and take care of our overnight accommodations. (plus parking was included too =)

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Thanks for the follow-up... did you book the Hyatt thru PRICELINE, HOTWIRE or directly with the hotel? (if HOTWIRE, Can you please add a reply to this thread with the amenities shown before your purchase... you can still view this information by going to HOTWIRE and clicking the MY ACCOUNT link near the top right of their home page.)

Also, please confirm which Hyatt, as there is more than one around the O'Hare area.

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