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Continuous Priceline hotel living

By efindbidding,

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Based on info I put together from the other board and here, I've concluded that there's an active member here that's lived in priceline hotels for nearly 3 and a half years straight. I'm in total awe. Sounds like a fun lifestyle, definitely more fun than renting the same apartment year after year.

Of all the hotels chains which ones have you been able to collect the most reward points on (I know, I know, a lot of them don't give them any more to PL customers). I assume you must have collected a massive number of points on the credit cards you use to pay for the rooms too.

What are the downsides to it? Is there any time when you want to "throw in the towel", so to speak? Do you ever have to resort to booking outside of Priceline (e.g. HOTWIRE, ECT, etc).

In any case, congratulations - it'll be 4 years before you know it.

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That doesn't sound like living to me. Not many hotel rooms compare to my crummy 1 bedroom apartment I had 20 years ago. And it was pretty crummy. Most hotels are great for travelling. Not for living. I'd feel like I was imprisoned.

But, to each his own.

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Where do you put your stuff. Everybody has stuff. You can't just pack and unpack all your stuff every day or even every week. Well, I suppose you could.

90% of hotel beds leave a lot to be desired. 99% of hotel pillows leave a lot to be desired. Most chairs in hotel rooms are utilitarian at best.

Life's too short. Give me comfort.

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I'd feel like I was imprisoned

Tied down to a house (apartment, condo, lease, etc)... who is the one that is imprisoned?

The above is not meant to be answered, it's more of a rhetorical question, to provoke thought. While i understand both sides of the situation, you only present one side.

The other side includes:

-who needs 'stuff' (it'll go into storage)

-no cable tv bill

-no electricity bill

-no water bill

-somebody cleans my room everyday

-somebody makes my room everyday

-often free newspaper

-often free breakfast

-while on vacation, not paying rent/mortgage on a place i'm not using

-ability to see a different area tomorrow if you so choose... or continue exploring your current environment

So while not for everyone, it could be (and is) for some.

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To each his own.

Back in another lifetime I had a job where I was on the road about 75% of the time. Friends and family were jealous of all the places I had to go to, all the "luxurious" hotels etc. "Man you're so lucky, you get to stay in hotels for free. Eat out in restaurants for free." They had no idea.

After awhile, spending 3 or 4 nights a week in a hotel is not fun. It gets real old. Maybe in a swanky suite it would be. How many swanky suites come up on Priceline?

My wife would complain about the travel, that when I got home on Friday, I wanted to be home. Eat in the kitchen. Homemade food. Relax in my chair. Sleep in a comfortable bed. Have some familiar things around me. Play with the kids and the dog. Even the cat.

In the "Be Careful What You Wish For" vein, both my now ex-wife and my brother took positions requiring some travel. And it was only a few days a month. Guess what? They both found out there was no glamour.

But if you want it, go for it. Free toast and newspapers are much less important than pets and family.

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I agree with those who say continuous hotel living would get tiresome, even if it saved you money. I do wonder, though, in places like So. California where real estate prices have soared to the moon, whether priceline living could be cheaper than apartment rentals. My guess is there are probably several dozen (mostly young) folks living out of priceline hotels for at least several months in those "high-rent" cities. Priceline certainly would take the edge off finding a permanent place to live (but what would you tell your employer?).

Personally, if and when I semi-retire, if the priceline deals remain as they are, I'm certainly less inclined to buy a second home. I think I'd rather try out a bunch of cheap priceline resorts for extended stays. And, for the life of me, I can't understand why anyone would buy a time-share vacation rental. The cost of that has to be insane compared to priceline.

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