Priceline Hotel: 4* San Francisco (USW-Nob Hill) Mark Hopkins InterContinental

By Kaka,

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Hi all,

I'm generally pleased about this win. I was really hoping for the Monaco, but I think this location is better.

Also, I little bummed that the price on their site is approx $135. I'm accustomed to greater savings than that with Priceline.

I started early because I wanted 12 nights in the same hotel (I hate moving around) and I thought it may be trickier to get what I wanted for a longer stretch.

I have been bidding for about a week, and won my bid yesterday.

I happen to have an Entertainment.com book (for my hometown of Toronto, and one that I got for San Francisco trip - offers tons of 241 coupons....look out for the full Priceline page that offers $100 towards your trip... so in my case, it added $8.33 cents to my bid ... meaning Priceline was treating my winning $92 bid to be $100.33

bottom line, all in, it is costing me $1313 for the stay (approx $109 per night)

My bidding strategy for Aug 20 - Sept 1

11 Union Square West - Nob Hill 80

1 Civic Center 85

3 Fisherman's Wharf 88

4 Marina - Lombard Street

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Congratulations on your success. :)

Sorry to hear that the discount was lesser than hoped for, but overall, a nice deal for the 12 straight nights. Thank you for sharing your bidding history/strategy, as well.

Thank you for sharing your result with the board and please use the site's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links to start your purchases and searches.

Enjoy your stay.

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Congratulations on your success and thanks for posting your bid history/strategy, Entertainment discount info, etc.

IMO you should be more than genuinely pleased with your success! To obtain the same hotel for 12 nights for $100 a night is pretty dang good if you ask me.

Have a wonderful trip to SF and make sure you don't refer to Nob Hill as Knob Hill when you get here, lest you get the locals mad at you! :)

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you know, you're absolutely right. Priceline has spoiled me. I mean, an old, beautiful, fabulously situated hotel, with a renowned bar with the best view of the city right in my building.... what kind of ingrate am I? $92 (or a $100 for that matter) is magnificent.

(I was comparing to the $85 Monaco bids, but really the 12 straight nights plays a factor.) My excitement has built since posting.

I also called the hotel yesterday, asking if they have any recommendations or suggestions for me to make my 12 day stay more pleasant and homey (if I could apply the priceline win to their loyalty program) Super wonderful customer service / information so far.

She converted me from a King bed to 2 queens (I'm going to be staying on my own for part of the trip and my sister is joining me for a few days).

And told me she's happy to sign me up for the loyalty program, which would give me an upgraded room, but suggested that we touch base the day prior to departure via email, because if she upgrades me now, I will be in the system. All will be squared away. If I leave it to the last minute, and she doesn't have an upgraded room, then I would get a double upgrade.

She also was telling me about a deal where you pay $30 a day to enter an "exclusive club" (I don't have to purchase for all 12 days... just whichever days I want it)

What's included: Reimbursed the $18 wifi fee. Continental Breakfast 0630-11AM, fruit snacks 1100-1500 Afternoon tea 1500-1700 (apparently you can have unlimited fancy coffees all day long) Cocktails and hors doeuvres 1700-1930 (um hello...? that's grub and 2.5 hrs of drinking fancy $14 cocktails. I think I will be having some tipsy late dinners while in SF. Sweet dreams 1930-2230 (apparently this is ending the day with chocolate covered strawberries)

I really, really love luxurious things.

Beav, sounds like you're in SF. If you have any tips for me, I'm open to them.

Have a great weekend.

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Beav, sounds like you're in SF. If you have any tips for me, I'm open to them.

I'm just across the Bay on the east side, however get to SF every chance I get!

Congrats on some good networking directly with the hotel. It sounds like you're doing your homework for what should be a wonderful 12-night stay.

Since it appears you enjoy the cocktail scene, I can suggest (at least one night!) walking a couple blocks west on California St to the Huntington Hotel for drinks at their Big Four Lounge. It's a wonderful, old world atmosphere where Michael Parsons plays the piano six nights a week 5:00 to 11:30pm. It doesn't get much better.....



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