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  1. I waited too long. HW deal is gone. On another thread, someone mentioned that the Harbor Court is the only 3 star in the Embarcadero area. If that is true, I can try PL. I just want to be sure because I wouldn't want to get stuck with another 3 star hotel on PL.
  2. Is the Harbor Court 3 star on PRICELINE? On tripadvisor, it's 3.5 stars.
  3. Not to sound too skeptical, but are the HOTWIRE discounts that good? Savings of $100 per night? Based on my research, I would take the Harbor Court at $128 in a heartbeat. Any other possibilities that I may not be happy with?
  4. Another one on Hotwire: 3 star, 90% Hotwire, 4.5 tripadvisor. $128 per night. Has fitness center. Embarcadero area. Boutique Hotel Fitness Center Restaurant(s) High-Speed Internet Access
  5. On Hotwire, there's a 3.5 star in the Embarcadero area, 85% Hotwire, 3.5 out of 5 tripadvisor. Has a fitness center, restaurant, laundry, business center. $142 per night for 5/20 - 5/24. Any idea what hotel this is?
  6. I have bid $130 for a 4 star for USE, USW, FW, and Financial District. No luck. I was unaware that there were no 4 stars at FW.
  7. Thanks, that thread answered my basic question about how PL works. There is no averaging involved. For example, if 3 of the nights would be $100, but the fourth night would be $130, they will reject a 4-night bid of $120, correct? I may try 2 nights + 2 nights bidding. Changing hotels once during our 4 day stay wouldn't be the end of the world. Changing 3 times would be killer. Just bid $130 with no luck. I think I'll go up to $150 and, if that doesn't work, I'll start trying splitting 2 + 2 or 3 + 1.
  8. Well, I've bid up to $120 for a 4 star on PL, to no avail. I may keep bidding up to about $140. In general, do prices start going down the closer you get to the date? Should I keep trying $120 or is that beating my head against the wall? I really don't know the strategy. Is bidding each night separately something to consider? Is it possible that just one of the nights is the problem with what I'm bidding?
  9. No, I'm trying for around $100 a night. I'm starting to realize that maybe that's not realistic for SF, especially for a 4 star. That's why I'm willing to settle for a 3 star, but with a fitness center. Also, one thing that makes me uncomfortable is the fact that I'm sure I'm going to end up paying for amenities like wireless and parking. Not knowing what the hotel is, and therefore not being able to ask what those things cost is the downside of PRICELINE and HOTWIRE, I suppose.
  10. About what do I need to bid to get a 4 star hotel on these dates? Also, I'm a noob about PL, but I understand that the only way to ensure I get a hotel with a fitness center is to opt for 4 stars. Are there any other strategies for getting a fitness center, because I would actually be OK with a 3 star as long as it has a fitness center? Thanks for any help on my first post on this forum!
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