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  1. 6/2-6/5 $150/night Beverly Hills - Westwood - Century City hotel - Beverly Hills, CA Boutique/Golf/Internet/Tennis Any ideas? Thanks so much!
  2. I confess, I went into this one feeling very arrogant. I figured I could get lodging in Boise for pocket change. Started with: Boise, 3&4*, $35...rejected Added Boise Airport, $37...rejected Added Meridian, $39...rejected Added Nampa, $41...rejected Added West Boise, $45...accepted I panicked a little on my last bid and started thinking my $2 strategy might not have been so smart. Maybe it would have accepted at $43, maybe not. Regardless, $45 worked. I needed this done tonight, so I'm happy. Expedia quotes the Red Lion at $79. Booked via savingsbarn.com
  3. Quite an adventure, this one! I'd tried for it yesterday and had these results: 4* Frisco-Plano West, bid $65 - Rejected ...added Arlington GP - $70 - Rejected ...added Alrington South - $75 - Rejected ...added Airport DFW South - $80 - Rejected ...added Dallas NW - $85 - Rejected ...added East Dallas - $90 - Rejected ...added Gr. Prairie S - $95 - Rejected ...added Hurst - $100 - Rejected ...added Irving - $110 - Rejected ...added Lewisville - $120 - Rejected Today, I decided I could live with one of 4*'s in Airport DFW North. So... 4* Airport DFW North, bid $70 - Rejected ...added Arlingto
  4. Selected 4*... Bid $60 Tech Center South - Rejected Bid $65 Tech Center North - Rejected Bid $70 Stapleton - Accepted! $139 on Expedia. Booked through SavingsBarn. :)
  5. As seen in an earlier post, I got the Hyatt Regency for $65 for 9/3-9/4. I called them today, and they have no doubles available, which we really need. I know there are no guarantees on getting it again, but anyone want to offer a guess? It appears to be showing up on HOTWIRE as well: fitness, restaurant, business, internet, spa, & customer favorite. $122. Seems like a shame compared to the Priceline price. Thanks! Had to edit it this. Their website lets you book doubles. Were the reservations people giving me the Priceline runaround?
  6. I booked this last year for October, and it was pretty easy since it was the only 3.5* in the area. It seems to have dropped in stars, however, and I know over on the Priceline board it dropped from 4* to 3*. Sooo...things are a lot harder to get it this year. I queried 10/19-10/22 on Hotwire and pulled a 3* in Surrey, $70/night, with Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Business Center. I realize there are no guarantees around here, but any educated guesses out there as to if this could be it? It has the same ameneties as last year, and I can't find other 3*'
  7. Yup! There it is. Guess that makes it the Aladdin, hmm? Not a bad price, but I still save $35 per night with the Tropicana...that's almost a hundred dollars I can then lose on slots! Of course, then I have to live with my friends' teasing for staying at the Tropicana... :) Choices, choices. Thanks for your help!
  8. Hey guys! I'd appreciate any help in IDing this. 4* North Strip 4/30-5/3 $102 Casino, restaurant, pool, fitness, spa, internet, golf tennis Almost sounds like the Aladdin except no business. Thanks! I'd also appreciate it if any of you who seem to mysteriously know every in and out of Vegas have any hot tips for a 3* or above (that people actually approve of!) for those dates on the Strip. Right now I'm eyeing the Tropicana for $65. Thanks again.
  9. First try. Booked through savingsbarn.com.
  10. $106 won on the first bid. Always makes me wonder if I overbid. But, after fighting with Priceline all day for other hotels in the Bay Area and getting no love for the $150 range, I can deal--especially on a Saturday night :) Booked through savingsbarn.com.
  11. Bid $110 Coronado - Rejected Added Rancho Bernardo, bid $126, accepted Marriott Coronado Island Resort 2000 Second Street Coronado, California 92118 Prices were so high in that area that I jumped up a higher increment than I normally would have. Makes me wonder now if I could have bid less. Oh well. Still cheaper than the $235 listed elsewhere. Booked via savingsbarn.com.
  12. Oh happy day! Finding nice places in Tucson for a reasonable price those days has been such a pain. Here we are: --Selected resorts in North Tucson AND La Paloma - Ventana Canyon Zones -----Bid $120, rejected --Added Tucson East -----Bid $130, rejected --Added Tucson Airport -----Bid $140, accepted!! Loews Ventana Canyon Resort 7000 North Resort Drive Tucson, Arizona 85750 This place is going for $259/night on Expedia. And...unless I'm mistaken, this is both a new hotel and a new zone for the board. And of course, I used savingsbarn.com. :)
  13. I've been making an art of bed and breakfasts and am now expanding to boutique hotels. Has anyone ever seen a comprehensive list of them for the U.S. or western U.S.? Mostly I catch them hit or miss on travel sites. Web searches for lits either pull up international ones or indexes slanted toward advertisers. Thanks!
  14. Started with $61...rejected Moved to $65 and added Surrey...accepted! Your Offer Price: $65.00 (US dollars) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $130.00 (US dollars) Taxes & Service Fees: $22.53 (US dollars) Total Charges: $152.53 (US dollars)
  15. $46...rejected $51 + Fenton...rejected $55 + Forest Park & Clayton...rejected $59 + Hazelwood...accepted In reskimming the posts here, I noticed I missed that this had gone for $56, so I probably could have saved $3. Still, when Expedia quotes it at $184, I'm pretty pleased.
  16. Hoorah! Sheraton Guildford Hotel, Surrey (Vancouver) 10/20 - 10/23 3.5* Selected amenities include: Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Business Center. $40/night + taxes=$147.95 total I sweated while it processed the purchase, but this is exactly what I wanted. I'm going to a conference being held at the hotel. Orbitz quotes this at $90/night and my rate through the conference would have been somewhere around $73/night with the exchange rate. Last year I booked late and had to pay triple digit rates. :)
  17. I'm eyeing this for October and didn't seen any Surrey hotels listed in the Hotwire Canada/Vancouver hotel listing: Selected amenities include: Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Business Center. $40/night Any ideas?
  18. 3.5* - Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown 2600 Louisiana Blvd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 (505) 881-0000 Selected amenities include: Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Business Center, Laundry Facilities (self-service). Check-in: 8/9/2005 Check-out: 8/10/2005 $49/night
  19. I've gone ahead and booked it through TI's site, 8/11-8/13, $114/night average. Their site has a 'tower upgrade' with that rate; it's unclear if the other sites with that rate do as well. Thanks for your help.
  20. My husband and I stayed at the Benson over Memorial Day weekend this year for $69/night on priceline. The lobby was as beautiful as everyone claimed, and the staff was pretty friendly, with little pretension or anything like that. We also enjoyed the jazz and wine-tasting. The concierge became our best friend over the trip, helping us with restaurants and getting massages in our room. While it was all very expensive, of course, he he made it as painless for us as possible otherwise. The worst part of our stay was this crazy Swedish foam bed they tout in their brochures. Supposedly, it's s
  21. Yes...Treasure Island's actually the one I want. (I'm a sucker for cheesy pirate themes). Most of the big travel sites like Orbitz and Travelocity average it at $114 a night, which is the same as the link to their site you sent ($79 + $149). Hotwire appears to pull it as well...for $131/night! I bid up to mid-90s on Priceline hoping to pull it, but with no luck. In light of all this, do you think it's likely to get cheaper anywhere? Or should I just book through TI's site? Thanks! (Go Blue!)
  22. I can ID most of the 4*ones, but this one surprised me. Any ideas? 3.5* North Strip Casino Restaurant Pool Fitness Center Spa Services Golf Nearby $107/night
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