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  1. What would be a good bid for a 3 star in vancouver if my dates are March 23-26 and the average price of three star locations that are listed online is around 80? I was thinking about bidding 50 but wasn't sure if that would be too high.
  2. I double checked and it does say "Congratulations, you got your price of $53 for a 1-star hotel room" and then it states that the hotel is the Best Western Listel Whistler Hotel. I did find it strange that it was a one star because I thought priceline gives the Best Western as an example of a 2 star hotels but then someone told me that the Best Western in Orlando is also believed to be a 1 star. I actually think it has a better location than the Coast Whistler Hotel which is rated higher so I am glad that I got it over the 2 star Coast Whistler. I will be sure to post what staying there is like since most listel hotels and best westers are not 1 stars and I hope that the quality of service is not why it is the only 1 star in Whistler Village.
  3. I forgot to state that the hotel is the Best Western.
  4. I tired a 2 star for 50 since 47 was suggested by someone in response to my prior post but I was rejected. My prior bid for a 1 star was only 44 so going up to 53 was extreme but time was running out because I am leaving for Vancouver on the 12 and didn't want to not know where I would be staying once I went to Whistler. The dates for the room are 4/14/-4/15. Did I bid too much? If I had more time I would have gone to 47 and then 50 and then 53 but time was of the essence.
  5. Sorry for not including the details. I was bidding for 3 star hotels in Vancouver.
  6. I read that people were bidding 35 for a 3 star so I tried that for 4/12-4/14. I was rejected and then bid around 40. I was again rejected so I went to 47 and got the Renaissance. This was done around the 23rd of March.
  7. I bid 33 for a 1 star for 4/14-4/15. It was rejected and for some reason I wasn't given the chance to raise the bid. The lowest price for a 1 star on the net is 67.
  8. I changed by bid to include 1 stars and said I would pay 33 for a one star. That bid was rejected so how much do people tend to pay for 1 stars in Whistler. Priceline said that 33 was too low because the hotels charge in the low 90s but priceline also said that the best western in a one star and that has a rate of 67U.S.
  9. I am going to be in Whistler 4/14-4/15. I just tried 41 U.S. for a 2 star and was sure that it would work since the best western, which is a 2 star, has a price of 67 U.S. through its website. The listel whistler is 73 and the coast whistler is 85. In vancouver I am staying at the Marriott by the water and I got that room with a bid of around an average of 43 dollars a night for 3 nights and that is ranked much higher than a two star like the best western. I don't want to go too high because then when the taxes and priceline fees are included I will basically be paying the same amount as if I went through the hotels directly.
  10. I meant to say 35 for a 2 star but hit the s key instead.
  11. 35 for a 2 star didn't work in whistler for a day in the middle of april. Does anyone know of a bid that is reasonable and will win? Also, where are most people put if they select 2 star hotels?
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