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  1. First the one for $109: FREE Internet, Resort Pet Friendly Fitness Centers Pools Restaurants Business Center Golf Nearby 75% Recommended The second one: $113 Free Internet Pools Restaurants Self Serve Laundry 90% Recommended Favorite
  2. Thanks. I had not seen that 2br in Hot.wire before you posted it. In the end, we booked with an owner at condo in LBV. We will be using this site again for our next trip and we likely will use it for some day of reservations we will make while driving to and from FLA.
  3. I agree Mr. Uare. What I should have said was: We'd really like to find a way to book at 2 br condo (so that BetterBidding.com get's a commission) with or without using an opaque site. There are 2 adults and 2 kids, boy is 9 and girl is 13. I just used ratedrop .com to find the listings above (which assumes 2 adults per room). All in with taxes, parking, internet fees, resort fees, booking fees, cleaning fees and room fees, I'd like to spend under $500 with means $150 including wifi, parking, resort/cleaning fees + tax for a 2 bedroom. For a 1 bedroom with 2 queens and a pull out sofa, I'd like to be under $400 all in so that's about $120 a night including parking, resort or cleaning fees + taxes. Transportation to the parks is a plus (saves on parking) but some hotel buses are less than convenient. I'm seeing some options at Westgate Blue Tree and Grand Villas. PS: Our current fall back plan is a cancellable reservation we are holding for a room with 2 Queen Beds at the Best Western LBV for $87 per night all in, + tax
  4. Additional info: The Priceline Express property 4* in LBV - Downtown Disney for $78 with pool, business and fitness has a $22 per day resort fee FWIW.
  5. Using the RateDrop tool, I found the above hotel from HOTWIRE. 4* Lake Buena Vista - Downtown Disney The Full Amenities, Click Here button lists: Resort Fitness Center, Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center (Shaded) SELF SERVICE laundry Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services Accessible for the blind, deaf, path of travel, In-room Accessibility, Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in Shower Spiders in Shower When I click Buy Now, it also says 95% Recommended & a standard rate of $149. Going one buy now button deeper, it doesn't list any resort fee or parking fee, just the taxes. 1. Any ID help? 2. We really want to find a Condo or at least a 1br with 2 queens and a pull out in the separate living room--that is really close to Downtown Disney LBV: any suggestions? 3. Over on the PRICELINE EXPRESS tab at Rate Drop for those dates, they show the hotel below. Can you ID that as well? 4* $78 Indoor or outdoor pool, business center, fitness
  6. I'd like to confirm the win: Venetian 10/6 - 10/10 with the above listed amenities + business. $109. Booked 2 additional wins at $106 each for the same dates.
  7. Now I see that the Venetian might be an option for the dates I need. There was one win posted already at ~$96. I see the exact same amenities for the exact same price today for $105 but one thing has me confused: The resort fee for the 5 start hotel that we think is the Venetian ($105 per night) is $20. The resort fee for the Trump at $86 is $30 and the resort fee for the 4 star (likely TI) is $25. Does a lower resort fee (of $20) suggest this isn't the Venetian? Resort Free Parking Suite Casino, Fitness Pool Rest High Speed Access Golf Near Tennis Near Spa Service Accessible blind Accessible Deaf Accessible path In-Room access Access bathroom handicapped parking Roll-in shower
  8. So, I have meetings as the Venetian but I can't justify paying the $289 per night rate that is being offered with the conference. Most likely, I can get the Trump (Kitchenette + Pet seems to = Trump) for $94 plus a resort fee (I haven't figured out where it tells me exactly how much but Hotwire say: "This hotel typically charges all guests a resort fee regardless of how the room is booked. The hotel collects this fee of about US$ 30 per room per night directly from you, so it won't show in your Hotwire® total") so I guess the fee is $30 +/-. 5-star Hotel in The Strip - North This Hotel features the following amenities: Spa Services Guests have access to a spa facility or spa services; an extra charge typically applies. Resort Free Parking Pet friendly Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s)Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Kitchenette Other options seem to be: TI (or Mirage) for $72 plus a $25 resort fee. 4-star Hotel in The Strip - North This Hotel features the following amenities: Resort Free Parking Casino Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower Not sure which seems better but I am thinking that TI would be a fair bit closer and while I might have my bike with me, I am not sure security will let me take it into the Venetian meeting rooms.
  9. Free Parking Free Breakfast Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Pool(s) Laundry Facilities (self-service) Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking 85% Customer Approval
  10. We did not use Hotwire for this trip, staying at the Homewood Suites both on Mich Ave and in Shaumburg.
  11. I don't see any wins for a 3.5 star in the area and Kayak doesn't list any 3.5 star hotels there. Indoor Pool(s) Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High Speed Internet Access
  12. Here are the details: Spa Services Resort Free Parking Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Kitchenette 90% Customer Approval Now the questions: 1. Any idea what hotel this is. It looks like 5 star noth strip can be Trump, Wynn, Pal, Ven, etc. and the ammenities are almost interchangeable. 2. My meetings are at the Venetian so I'd prefer to be in one of their 2 hotels. 3. This is still 7 months out. Is that too soon to book? Is there a sweet spot for getting the best rates? Thanks!
  13. Those look to be correct. I was having all sorts of trouble editing out the descriptions. I am glad that my ad-lib was taken it the spirt it was intended. ;)
  14. Oops. The date is for pick up on feb 11, 2013 and return on feb 12, 2013.
  15. Compared to all the really cheap deal in other cities, this doesn't look so great, but all the major car rental places wanted at least $70+ for a car on that date so it's still a sweet deal.
  16. Please add NASHVILLE to thread title. 4-star Hotel in BNA Airport East / Opryland South This Hotel features the following amenities: Free Parking Indoor Pool Smoke Free Fitness Pool Restaurant Business Hi-Speed Internet Golf Tennis Blind Accessible Deaf Accessible Travel Accessible Room Accessible Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Accessible Handicapped Parking Roll-in Shower
  17. I am going to Chicago with my family Aug 7-12 and we wanted to stay downtown, with free breakfast, a pool and a suite styple room (like an Embassy Suites). We found a rate of $219 at the Homewood Suites near Michigan Ave (plus parking for a special rate of $20/day) but we can only get that rate for the 7-10th. We are considering staying in the suburbs on the 10th and the 11th but I was having trouble finding a hotel with both a pool and free breakfast. Hotwire is showing a 3* Lombard - Oak Brook - Downers Grove area hotel for $50 with Free Breakfast, Free Parking, Free Internet, Fitness and Business Center + Golf near by. I think that is the Stay Inn which doesn't have a pool. Hotwire is also showing a 3* Arlington Heights - Elk Grove Village area hotel with the stay features except the High Speed Internet isn't 'free'. Or we can go for a 3* Schaumburg area hotel with fitness Center Pool rest, BC and HSI for $58. Ideally we would stay in the same hotel the entire time but since we will be hitting some suburban attractions, we don't mind moving to a hotel closer to the zoo and LEGOland and the Frank Llyod Wright home etc. Any help with a ID or suggestions?
  18. Amenities Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (selfservice) High-Speed Internet Access Here is a tip to consider when choosing a hotel on Hotwire or choosing between using Hotwire or Priceline... On this trip, I could have got a 4* in the same zone for $64 (perhaps one of the Hyatts) So, why would I take a 3* for just $4 less? Here is why: On this trip, I was driving with my wife and kids. Had I booked the 4* I would have had pay ~ $25 a day for parking (or maybe a tad bit less for a surface lot with in/out privliges a few blocks away. Besides the parking cost, the Pear Tree (with free parking) offers a free hot breakfast which saves me about $25 a day for a family of 4, plus free food and drinks for 2 hours in the evening and free popcorn and sodas all night, free internet in the rooms, plus this hotel has a pool a few of the downtown 4 star hotels do not. If I had used Priceline, I would not be sure to get a hotel with free breakfast & free parking so for me, this was the best approach. Thanks betterbidding for your help.
  19. Marriott New Orleans French Quarter 555 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 504-581-1000 $84 'Saved 64%' I tried a host of re-bid options (New Orleans has lots of zones without 4 star hotels) and found that a Saturday ONLY stay was going to cost a tad bit more than some wins for other dates around this time. Given the fact that Easyclick was showing no deals better than $139 for a 3-star in the areas I wanted and Hotwire wanted $179 for their lowest priced hotel with 4 stars or better, I am happy with this deal.
  20. Thanks for your help. I think I will book a reservation from Easyclick or some similar site that I can cancel if while waiting for a better deal. I can't get the easyclick line to work on the links page. Could you please post the BEST way to book a cancelable reservation so that your site gets credit for the referal?
  21. Oops. I guess it would help if I put in the right date. Very sorry about that. I will arrive on 10/15 and check out on the 16th--and yes I agree that the 4 star on Sunday the 16th is a great deal.
  22. All requests complete. Thanks for any help you can provide. PS: I am guessing that it is the Parc St. Charles Hotel.
  23. Thanks. I ended up not booking the AZ trip so I didn't learn anything new to share.
  24. 2.5 * New Orleans Downtown 10/16/11, Fit, Busi, HS Internet showing $81 on Hotwire I need to go to NOLA for a small convention and due to flight limitations, I have to come in a day early and pick up the first night tab myself. I really don't care (much) about where I stay, but since I will be w/out a car, I want to stay in walking distance to the Ritz where I will be starting 10/17. I don't mind walk far is the neighborhood is save. Staying in the Garden District is an option that I would NOT rule out. Hotwire is showing a Downtown hotel for $81 that is 2.5* and the pinned list suggest that should be the Holiday Inn Express but when I searched google maps for the exact location, it found 2 locations: One is the Cotton Exchange at 231 Carondelet Street with some very scary recent reviews. The other is listed at 221 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 and it says "This place is permanently closed." Further, the Holiday Inn Express website doesn't show any Holiday Inn Express property on Corondelet or in the Downtown area. So, I am guessing this is NOT a Holiday Inn Express or the Cotton Exchange Hotel was once branded as an HIExpress but has since lost that.
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