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  1. Hi, was looking for a 4* hotel first and started with $90 two days ago, going up to $135. The 3* tries were unsuccessful too yesterday from $90 - $110 and my first bid today for $105 has been accepted. So might be it could have been cheaper, but we are happy for the $105 as well. Would you know any good parking availabilities at the Doubletree or anywhere around for the 3 days. We wanted to rent a car at the Newark airport for the way to the hotel and use the car either one day for a shopping trip to the Jersey Gardens only or keep the car for the entire trip to save the taxi for the way back to the airport. But probably this doesn't make much sense as we will use the public transportation to get to Manhattan. Cheers
  2. Hi, I increased my bids to $140 for the 4* hotels and to $115 for the 3* ones without any sucess. Are the prices higher for my dates or is there any reason special my bids keep on getting refused? I am thinking about the address entered for an european customer. But not sure this has any impact on the process. Thanks
  3. Hi all, we are also planning to visit NYC in the coming days, for 9/10 to 9/13 to be precise. To stay in Jersey City / Hoboken makes more sense for us as well, as it's cheaper and we are planning to visit the Jersey Gardens as well for one or two days. Furthermore we wanted to rent a car for that trip to Jersey Gardens in connection with our arrival or better departure to the NEWARK Airport. I've seen some people were able to get a 4* hotel in that area for around $100 plus tax or a 3* for $80. We would be willing to pay up to $120 for 4* or up to $100 for the 3* hotels. Would you have any recommendation for the bidding strategy to archieve our goals? Many Thanks Daniel
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