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  1. Bid up from $80 to $105 before getting the Hyatt. Perfect for a pre-cruise. Total $254 for 2 rooms, 1 night. FWIW, my own view is that those having to pay $120+ are probably bidding too early for their stays this year. I was watching the Express deals which were up at $150+ until a week or so out, then fell to $120.
  2. Late notice bid - did this on the 9th. Tried $50 and then jumped to $70 and was accepted. Was hoping for the JW, and in fact this hotel is a bit disappointing. The JW is on the beachfront, and shares its site and facilities with Phuket Beach Club apartments. Then this hotel is behind the neighbouring Anantara property. You get a free buggy ride to the JW (beach access, restaurants, not pool), and the Mai Khao has its own restaurant and pool. It's not good news this property has come up. You get a massive 2 bed apartment with kitchen but that's not much help to us or to many Priceliners. There
  3. Stayed 24-27th August (sorry Blindman - too much to see but mainly too disorganised to fit that beer in). We managed our entire 11 night holiday through PL and this was undoubtedly the best deal. Our second best PL deal ever in fact. A very nice hotel - I've seen a few comments about it looking a bit shabby but thought everything was nicely up together, quiet and clean. Nice big King bed, and complimentary half-bottle of Chardonnay in the room - what's that all about? Oh and the view :) - yes it does appear all the King rooms look towards midtown, but downtown is just as spectacular. To/from
  4. A new one for the lists. Had bid up to $115 (also bidding Brewster), and struck at $125. $153 on their website, so a modest saving. Looks a nice hotel, and a good rate for Cape Cod in the summer. Used SavingsBarn as always!
  5. Thanks! Sounds like driving could be difficult, and I didn't realise how cheap a cab would be (makes the whole deal even better), so I think we'll stick the the Stamford plan. I kind of like the idea of arriving first up at Grand Central anyway.
  6. thereuare, as you're local, I wonder if you might be able to help me out with a query. At the moment, we are dropping our rental car in Stamford, CT and getting the metro to Grand Central. Is it then easy to get to the Hyatt via subway or PATH or should we just get a cab (will have 2 suitcases and a bag). Alternatively, what's it like driving to Jersey City from Conneticut. Do you know how long would it take from Stamford (we'll plan to arrive around 6/7pm, which probably isn't ideal)? I understand the Hertz in JC is in the Hyatt's lot so that would work very well. Alternatively, is there anyw
  7. Accepted first bid :) at $45. Didn't see it coming - expected the Wyndham or Radisson maybe, but this will do nicely. Via SavingsBarn.com of course. C$259 direct!
  8. Bid $75 then accepted at $85, through SavingsBarn of course. Hotwire wanted 108, website 120 so a modest saving. I was actually bidding 2* and got upgraded - had hoped for the Hampton Inn but could have got something much worse so very pleased.
  9. YEAH! It was a tester but... Accepted for all three nights at $65 (HW dropped to $96). Surely the best deal going. Bid through SavingsBarn. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for your continuing help. Don't really fancy the Doubletree. I've made a cancelable booking at the Holiday Inn Wall Street for $144, Friday and Saturday, and will keep trying Midtown to $150. And watch out for low Hyatt JC rates if I can get the 3 nights. Any thoughts on staying Downtown at the weekend? I could switch my rez to the Crowne Plaza UN (under renovations) for $169.
  11. Bid up in $5 steps and got this hotel. Was hoping for the Sheraton Centre on a vague hope of adding the previous night (AIDS conference has most hotels sold out on 8/16) - if it was available it probably would have been over budget anyway, so we'll likely stay at the airport that night. Bid through SavingsBarn.
  12. 8/21: Bid $50, having tried $60 for 3*. Website rate $129, and I think it beats the 3*s anyway. Had seen a $52 success, so might have bid less, but a great deal.
  13. Sorry thereuare, I'd missed your comment. We driving down from Cape Cod and I was asking if, instead of (1) three nights in NJ, it would be a decent plan to (2) stop the first night in Stamford and then get the Metro to NYC and stay there for two nights. Three nights in NYC would be too expensive, but (2) would only be a litle more than (1) and might be worth it to be in the middle of NYC. Of course it's a bit of a pointless question at the moment. With the Hyatt looking unlikely, I tried (2). From Hotwire 8/24 in Stamford should be okay, but I bid up to $150 for 4* MTE & MTW 8/25-27 witho
  14. I know I'm taking a chance, but as I say I have two ways of going this trip. Hopefully I won't find both options closing at the same time. So on that basis I think it's worth seeing what happens in the next few days.
  15. Hi Kap, are you saying the Hyatt was down at $100 for the 26th on hotwire (it's now back at $190). If so, I'll watch it for a couple of days and hope it goes down again.
  16. I don't mind splitting the bid in the hope of getting the Hyatt, with a risk of getting the doubletree for the last night, but if you're suggesting there's little chance of the Hyatt on the last night I'd rather move to Midtown (assuming the one night would be in the $120-140 range). The full story is we're driving down from Cape Cod on on 8/24. That night looks to be expensive in NY so one option was 1 night in Stamford, CT then two cheaper (hopefully) weekend nights in Midtown. If the Hyatt is available for the three nights at a good rate, that would be better, but 2 nights in JC and then mo
  17. Could you explain "add a night" to me. I assumed they offer it if the next/preivous night is available at the same price, but are you suggesting they'll offer it at a good but slightly higher price if that's the available rate. Or do you bid again, knowing that your just aiming at the same hotel.
  18. Noticed the Hotwire rates had fallen (100,100,190), and then saw the similar winning bids here so I though this great deal would be a sure thing. Hyatt rates 229,169,199. But I've failed at $62 & $65 for 8/24-27, and at $65 & $70 for 8/25-27. I was happy to bid just Friday and Saturday knowing I could pick-up Thursday on HW if all else fails, but I'm reluctant to bid Thursday & Friday and be stuck without Saturday night (though I could move to Midtown). I see blindman was successful for Saturday and was then able to "add" Friday. Could this work for me even though I've had Friday &
  19. Holiday Inn West Bank-Hwy 97, BC Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness Center Check-in: Tue, Aug 25, 2005 Check-out: Thu, Aug 26, 2005 1 room(s) @ $87.00 per night x 1 night(s) = $87.00 Taxes and fees: $19.95 Hotel Subtotal $106.95 Additional Savings $10.00 (giftcard06 - wife's account this time) Total Price $96.95 Not a great saving - $11 (might have prefered SPG points). Had bid $80 on PL, though this may have been a 2*??? Was hoping for a "fuller" 3* like the Coast but this is okay and has decent reviews. Kelowna is tight for space in summer. This is actually in Westbank, 8 miles from
  20. Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the Sheraton, I was referring this thread.
  21. Great result! Hyatt Regency Vancouver Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness Center, Business Centre Check-in: Tue, Aug 9, 2005 Check-out: Thu, Aug 11, 2005 1 room(s) @ $95.00 per night x 2 night(s) = $190.00 Taxes and fees: $38.95 Hotel Subtotal $228.95 Additional Savings $20.00 Total Price $208.95 Used GIFTCARD06 for the $10*2 discount. Had previously bid to $90 on Priceline (total also $208) with no joy. Hyatt's rates was C$334! (also Marriott Pinnacle C$279, Sheraton Wall C$175 prepay). It's a great saving though not the lowest prices seen on HW/PL - wasn't sure whether to bit the bul
  22. Is the bonus money still available? The only reference I could find suggested it expired Oct 25th. Would be very useful :)
  23. Hi all, Hope this isn't too OT. I found the site www.canadahotelexperts.com which is like Hotwire for Canada. It's "opaque" but gives a hotel shortlist (e.g. 4* Vancouver Center: Pacific Palisades Hotel, Delta Vancouver Suites Hotel, Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Marriott Pinnacle, Westin Bayshore Marina Hotel). In fact some places have a shortlist of just one hotel (e.g. 4* Calgary Centre: Hyatt). Opaque indeed! I imagine PL will beat the rates, but it seems a little cheaper than Hotwire: I compared a 4* Vancouver report a $118 per night and CHE had C$137=$111. An
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